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Hire me NOW!!!

By spuddy_m3 ·
I Demand that I be hired due to the certs I have. Much more than these selfers out there who think they know it all. Who do they think they are anyway - loooooosers thats what!!!!!

We use a DLT, much better than a DAT- Idiots
Squares all of them!

Get some certs you!

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No, keep

by Old Guy In reply to " aint me..."

going forward. Besides there were A LOT of styles and stuff that should never be retro'd. The music is good and that will never die. But please, please do not bring back the hair or clothes style. Ewww.

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by dawgit In reply to No, keep

I've still got the long hair, (at my age, that I can have, still have hair IS status ) I hate to wear shoes, (mostly because my feet got eaten up with certain chemicals ) and for clothes?, :^0 well this is Europe, and sometimes they're just optional. (but it really much better on the young women, ok-down right scarry with me :_| ) I'm going to just keep sing'n for a while, don't mind me. -d

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dawgit, I may get

by Old Guy In reply to No, keep

burned for this but sometimes the truth hurts. I meant the hairstyles a lot of the women wore back then. Keep your hair (for as long as you can :) ) Sorry to hear about your feet. Go with comfort. Always keep the singing. It can soothe the soul. :)

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long hair..

by Shellbot In reply to No, keep

i love long hair on a guy..

keep it as long as ya can dawgit!

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Highway 61 Revisited, huh?

by maxwell edison In reply to " aint me..."

<insert smiley face here>

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by dawgit In reply to Highway 61 Revisited, huh ...
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I have the MEMS Certification

by maxwell edison In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

I have one of the only issues of the coveted, and very valuable, MEMS -- the Maxwell Edison Method of Success Certification. Other people could be awarded this certification, or some people might have a variation of it. Oz_Media, for example, has a similar certification, but it's slightly different, and it's called the OMMS. Both have equal value, however.

In order to earn this certification, one must prove that he (any instance of "he", by the way, assumes "he or she") understands the basic business model, especially in that a business's purpose is to make a profit. One must both learn and acknowledge that profit is a good thing, not a bad thing. One must learn how to actually help a company earn that profit. And one must learn to articulate to that company how he can contribute to the earning of that profit, and is thereby entitled to higher compensation because of it.

One must never "ask" for a job, but rather offer his services, whether that be to a company, per se, or to clients and customers. One must understand that serving the needs of that company (or the clients and customers) is the best method through which one's own needs can be met.

One must always take responsibility for his own lot in life, and never blame anyone else -- and especially never blame "big business" -- for his failures. One must never be a victim of circumstances, but rather one in control of his own destiny; and one must both understand and acknowledge that not only can success be measured by any number of factors, but that success is limited only by one's own imagination and self-imposed limitations. And lastly, one must understand that any and all other certifications or degrees are of lesser value than this one.

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Your complete inability

by Tig2 In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

To conduct yourself appropriately with your peers is more likely to be the reason you are finding employment to be a challenge. Your qualifications must include in addition to your technical skills, an ability to communicate functionally in the business environment. Without people skills, you will likely continue to be passed over.

Good luck with all that...

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And don't forget

by TonytheTiger In reply to Your complete inability

an actuall willingness to work! Many of these kids think their degree or certicication is the peak, and that they can coast through a career. Little do they know.... :)

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Funnier yet

by jdclyde In reply to And don't forget

they think they will get hired in as a lead admin, make the big bucks, and drive a jag around.

It is people like this I am delighted to see cast under the wheels and ground up a but. Normally it is only my EX that I enjoy seeing suffer, but this twit has added himself to the list!

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