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Hire me NOW!!!

By spuddy_m3 ·
I Demand that I be hired due to the certs I have. Much more than these selfers out there who think they know it all. Who do they think they are anyway - loooooosers thats what!!!!!

We use a DLT, much better than a DAT- Idiots
Squares all of them!

Get some certs you!

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but JD...

by dawgit In reply to Funnier yet

a Jag.? oh, really, please tell me that's not a status car now... -d

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

We're 'loooooosers', yet you're the one who can't get a job. You might want to go back and take a logic course.

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I told my

by maecuff In reply to Hmmm.

husband about this at lunch. And that was the point I made. I may be a loooser..but I'm a loooser with a paycheck. :)

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Certs are valuable and demonstrate job knowledge

by DMambo In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

Many, many years back, in the days of my youth, I labored to receive a Massachusetts Fork Truck Operator Certification. Yes, it's true! I was honored and humbled by this accomplishment.

As the years progressed, (actually the following summer) and I was looking for another job, I proudly included this certification as a qualification on a job application. I smugly awaited the hiring manager's wide-eyed response when he got to that part of the form. I imagined how impressed he'd be! I was rewarded with this comment: "What the **** is a Mass Fork Truck Certification?" I was incredulous that this dolt had never heard of this lofty honor. Who do they hire as HR managers, anyway?

Slowly I reached for my wallet and pulled the sacred document which proved that I was a man not to be trifled with. This so-called manager regarded the shingle. I could hear the new-found respect in his voice as he told me "I gotta tell you kid, this is just something that your old company prints up. They probably use it for insurance purposes to document training."

Needless to say, I was awarded the position. And it's my opinion that the store's shelves have never been so well-stocked nor the parking lot so well-cleared of carts before or since!

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Well said!

by Old Guy In reply to Certs are valuable and de ...
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Ok the

by zlitocook In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

IT department for the MSDS needs a helping hand and they dont care how much experence you have!
It pays good and you get alot of fresh air, you get free outfits and get to ride on big trucks!

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Spuddy, jump out a window

by jdclyde In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

every breath you take just wastes oxygen that would be best used for just about anything else.

You have no future and no prospects of ever having one other than to be a total failure in everything you do.

You will accomplish nothing, and odds are the certs you do have you got off brainbench and not even from a valid testing center.

Find a window and jump.

Provided you don't land on someone or their car, no one will notice. No one.

bon voyage!

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hire me now

by rishfin In reply to Hire me NOW!!!

i have 25 years of experience in financial managemant, corporate governance, company secretarial duties, sdlc, systems designs, implemaentation, maintenance and audits,
too much favouritism in the workplace resulting in nepotism.

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