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hmmm yet another Microsoft screwup....

By Jaqui ·
This one in the PRIVACY DEPARTMENT!!!!!
They admitted, publicly, that they took data from your msn searches and handed it to us government, to allow the us government to illegally tap your phones and monitor your internet activities.
That is SPYWARE in action..oh, it's Microsoft in action, the largest spyware company in the world.
Use Microsoft?
Not when they have just proven beyond all doubt that their sole intention is to screw you over, by denying you the rights of existing privacy legislation at thier whim.**0/microsoft-admits-to-handing-over-search-data-to-feds.html

You can if you want, just don't expect to be getting any respect from people that Respect Privacy laws.

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me 2

by ali40961 In reply to So MS only give out

Neil, I had to look up that very SAME info (capital of Paraguay) for my son's hw. Guess we'll both be on their radar........ And the powers that be can kiss my "codeword"

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saddly enough...

by husp1 In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

it seems that more and more companys are being intimidated by the goverement and the two other leading powers in the world (that's the RIAA and MIAA) to hand over our personell info on threat alone . hope sombody stands up to these bullys before there is no internet users left to log on to a server. seems that every contry is caveing into these fiends. 300 homes and offices in germany raided for P2P fileshareing. thousands of lines tapped in the name of security. ISP's releasing logs without court orders. goverment sites using cookies to track our movements that can't be removed from the system for 16 yrs. (never seen a build last 2 yrs. let alone 16) so far the only country that seems to have taken any type of stand against them is Canada, by keeping their puppet out of office. Hail to thee canada!

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There is actually

by Jaqui In reply to saddly enough...

a couple of Companies standing up to therm.
Google and Sun Microsystems are working together to fight the US government over this one.

on top of teaming up on the spam adware spayware battle.

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Hmmm, I think I see double standards here

by alphun In reply to There is actually

I have been watching with great interese how the likes of Yahoo, Microsoft and Google have been bending over backwards to assist the Chinese govenment with what ever data it so desired about their users in China, including e-mails, search logs and the like. Obviously this taking of the moral high ground will not help those imprisoned over there, and if a court order is issued, will they still continue the legal battle, or will they capitulate and give Bush what he wants? The thin end of the wedge!

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When in Rome (or China) ...

by stress junkie In reply to Hmmm, I think I see doubl ...

I think that they are trying to obey the laws of the country when they give up information to the Chinese government about Chinese Internet access. We hate the idea of this sort of thing happening anywhere. As citizens of countries where the government is restricted we enjoy a lifestyle that is not available in China or other places. We have to understand that either Google and others obey the laws of China or their operations in China will be shut down.

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no doubt about it,

by Jaqui In reply to Hmmm, I think I see doubl ...

they don't want the competition.
It's always been standard business Practice to follow the laws for the Country and City you are operating in, as this reduces legal costs fighting the fines for illegal business practices, so, While I don't agree with the way the Chinese Government acts, and how much they censor what the chinese people get access to, I cannot blame google for "tailoring" their service for the Country it is being offered in.

All Multinational business does this, or they don't do business in the other country.
{ Picture one of Amsterdam's coffee shops, that sells weed legally, trying to do that in the US, shut down in minutes I would guess. ]

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I knew about...

by noyoki In reply to There is actually

Google, didn't know about Sun. Kudos to them both.

(Even though I've heard rumours that the former was doing it for the wrong reasons. IE: it being "in vogue" to jump on the privacy bandwagon and that there's no money in just handing it over. However it costs to go through backup after backup to get all the information organized for the gov't.)

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Stated intention is all wrong

by Deadly Ernest In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

MS have no set intention of doing you over, their only intention is to get all your money by selling you inimal standard software and they just don't give a damn about you or your rights. in other words their intentions are basically the same as RIAA - milk you dry and allow you no rights.

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Come off it

by The Ref In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

This is not spyware in action - if it were then every web site is spyware as all sites keep logs. Many sites, including this site, have the most requested data listed on the front page. In replying I see the "Hot discussions" with the 7 most hit pages listed. Is this really any different? Is this not taking search data and publishing it? The only different is that it is not being sent to the government.

The MSN Privacy policy clearly indicates "We may access and/or disclose your personal information if we believe such action is necessary to: (a) comply with the law or legal process served on Microsoft; (b) [snip](c) act in urgent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of Microsoft services or members of the public."

I dont care which company complied, aggregated data sent to determine the "extent of child pornography on the Internet" is only a threat to peadophiles and child pornographers.

This is not an example of the government spying on individuals, but getting aggregated data to try to stop the exploitation of children.

But hey, it's another excuse for a bit of Micro$oft bashing.

Just my $0.02(AUD)

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re the privacy policy..

by Jaqui In reply to Come off it

"(a) comply with the law or legal process served on Microsoft;"

There were no legal documents served, no court order for the data requested.
It's the US government attempting to stamp out porn asking for the records to make their case.
No Judge said to release the data.

that is in violation.

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