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hmmm yet another Microsoft screwup....

By Jaqui ·
This one in the PRIVACY DEPARTMENT!!!!!
They admitted, publicly, that they took data from your msn searches and handed it to us government, to allow the us government to illegally tap your phones and monitor your internet activities.
That is SPYWARE in action..oh, it's Microsoft in action, the largest spyware company in the world.
Use Microsoft?
Not when they have just proven beyond all doubt that their sole intention is to screw you over, by denying you the rights of existing privacy legislation at thier whim.**0/microsoft-admits-to-handing-over-search-data-to-feds.html

You can if you want, just don't expect to be getting any respect from people that Respect Privacy laws.

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no its not

by The Ref In reply to re the privacy policy..

"(a) comply with the law OR ..."
and "to protect the personal safety of users of Microsoft services or members of the public."

A company does not need to be forced by a judge to do what it thinks will help law enforcement stamp out child pornography.

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It's always "for the children"

by stress junkie In reply to no its not

Whenever the U.S. Government wants to abolish one of the Constitutional restrictions on its behavior they always start by making it an issue of child safety. Then once the precedent is established they expand their unconstitutional activity.

Each generation has to deal with some faction of people in government that try to undermine one or more of our Constitutional protections. Local police used to completely disregard the requirement for a warrant when they wanted to search someone's house. Then the Exclusionary Rule made any evidence that was obtained illegally unusable in a trial. This is the only reason that the police started obeying the requirement to use warrants. Now when some business hands over whatever law enforcement officials ask for without requiring the law enforcement officials to get a warrant they are creating a precedent of attitude. If more people begin to give up this protection then more people might forget why the protection is there in the first place.

We have to protect our protections from government in all situations. We cannot allow the police or society at large think that it is okay for the government to ignore procedures that have been mandated for it to obey. It's the same thing with the NSA spying that was "authorized" by GWB. The President doesn't have the authority to "authorize" a government agency to ignore the Constitution. We have to be vigilant. We have to make politicians and law enforcement people know that we will not roll over and go along with activities that are unconstitutional. And we don't say that just because this incident was for a good cause, such as catching pedophiles or Al Queda, we can allow it just this once. We must never allow the government to make exceptions to the rules that they are obliged to obey.

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to It's always "for the chil ...

The claim of using it to stop child pornography is an intention. If they wanted this they could have asked MS et al to provide them an extract. They could have asked for all the data in a sanitized form and then got a caught order when they had reasonable evidence that a uniquely identifiable but as yet anonymous individual was participating in a crime. Either would be acceptable. Ask for all the data to see if ANY crimes may have been committed no, that's against the law.

Wonder how many film buffs are going to get the desk lamp and rubber hose threatment for searching out a copy of Lolita.

Hmmm, someones knocking at my door, wonder who it is at this time of the morning and why on earth I they wearing jackboots. Do you think I used a keyword on the internet ?
That said I hope they catch thousands of child molesters and rip their balls off and kill them, if only so the end can justify the means.

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by rkuhn In reply to Indeed

Who killed Kennedy?

Why does there always have to be some conspiracy behind everything?

How do you know that TechRepublic isn't tracking your habits on this website?

If they are, I could care less.

And why is the government always them? Isn't our government, police, etc just people like you and me?

I know several police officers. Nicest guys in the world. They wouldn't do the things that that people imply on here.

For every bad nut in the world, there are 100 that won't let them get away with anything.

Ya'll have no faith in the human race.

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What are you on about ?

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Question

The police operate within a legal framework. If they do something illegal, they are no longer police, they are criminals. Our government's on the other hand can define that legal framework and therefore control what is criminal.
As for faith, I have none in the police as a group. Individually I'm sure one or two of them are OK people, but as an organisation they are amoral. They operate according to the law, not morality, not rationality, not fairness, not justice, not compassion, but the LAW, whatever that may be.
If it's legal for them to mess with you, they will.

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Re Police abuse....

by Jaqui In reply to Question

I actually agree with you on this Rikk.
2 years ago the city police here were under investigation, due to allegations of wrongdoing.

It was such a serous allegation that the Vancouver Police were being shadowed by the RCMP, who were doing the investigation.

One night I saw a cabbie getting a ticket, from a vancouver police officer and commeneted to the person walking nearby, "It's nice to see cabbies getting nailed for traffic violations, they do regularly deserve thier reputation as bad drivers."

The person asked what I thought of the Vancouver police, my honest answer to him:
The police are people, most that I have dealt with do honestly care and try to help, but they are like any other group, there are going to be some that are rotten.

He chuckled, and then told me, He was an RCMP officer that was in town doing the shadowing, being sent back to his detachment the next day.

The alllegation against the VCPD, were found to have been true, and six officers were charged.
They were later found guilty of taking homeless people to remote areas and beating them with thier billy clubs.

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Nuts and bolts

by noyoki In reply to Question

> "For every bad nut in the world, there are 100 that won't let them get away with anything."

The thing is... They already have...

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They did get an extract

by gregk In reply to Indeed

The article I read when I followed the link said they were given an extract, with personal identifying information removed.

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Nice Point

by rkuhn In reply to They did get an extract

Oh, but some people don't read that. They only read/hear what they want to read/hear.

I think I'll do some Googling tonight about the preconceived opinions people carry around with them.

I'd bet that most media stories don't swing one's opinion much either way. That the person's beliefs they bring with them are just too powerful for any one single event to change regardless of the facts.

I'd also bet that if Harvard (insert university here) asked for the data for some study, no one would of noticed.

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Well I must confess to some shock

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to They did get an extract

always believing the worst of corporates and governments means sometimes I'm pleasantly supplied. So thanks for cheering me up.

There's a reason I always expect the worst though, well actually about a million of them. Still no one can get everything wrong it's statistically impossible.

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