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hmmm yet another Microsoft screwup....

By Jaqui ·
This one in the PRIVACY DEPARTMENT!!!!!
They admitted, publicly, that they took data from your msn searches and handed it to us government, to allow the us government to illegally tap your phones and monitor your internet activities.
That is SPYWARE in action..oh, it's Microsoft in action, the largest spyware company in the world.
Use Microsoft?
Not when they have just proven beyond all doubt that their sole intention is to screw you over, by denying you the rights of existing privacy legislation at thier whim.**0/microsoft-admits-to-handing-over-search-data-to-feds.html

You can if you want, just don't expect to be getting any respect from people that Respect Privacy laws.

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Equal Opertunity

by abobble2 In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

E Q is that not the law. Then Microsoft SHOULD make public all the searches done from the white house and the department of justice.

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Simply put

by richard In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

Benjamin Franklin:
"The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve nor will he ever receive either."

"It's to protect the children"
"The Communists are taking over"
"9-11, 9-11, 9-11"
"If you're not with us, you're against us"

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by rixmail In reply to Simply put

The Ben Franklin quote is right on and we should all think about that. This isn't about political party its about democracy and the preservation of our constitutional rights.
Call or email your senators to support a filibuster on Alito. The Unitary Executive will be the end of liberty and democracy in America.

Richard is also dead on in using their 9-11 justification for everything.

give up your rights, 9-11
I am the king, 9-11
Torture is illegal for everyone but me, 9-11

They also hired some professors from Duke who theorize that the American people will buy into anything if your say the words FREEDOM, and VICTORY enough times.

I broke the law for "terrorist surveilance", 9-11
I can spy on anyone with no accountability or judicial oversight, 9-11 , so we can have Victory and preserve freedom.
Terrah terrah
mushroom cloud

By the way, if you do a little research you will find that they started tapping our phones and reading email shortly after Bush took office. Long before 9-11. later a republican senator offered a bill to loosen the restrictions of the FISA court and the Administration refused saying it wasn't necessary and that it might violate the constitution.

Bill Clinton used surveilance. He added physical searches to FISA. This is not the same thing, because it was done LEGALLY. They changed the law and they obtained the proper FISA warrants using the due process of law guaranteed by the fourth amendment. Everyone on Fox news will tell you this is just as bad as what Bush did, but I think anyone can see the huge difference between LEGAL and ILLEGAL.

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That is

by Jaqui In reply to brilliant

my contention.
If those directly affected do not defend their rights, under the laws, then they will lose them.

There has been a severe incursion against the US people's rights, by the government that is supposed to be protecting those rights.

If Clinton used due process to obtain the required court orders for the surveilance then that is not an issue. If he expanded the governments ability to obtain evidence, with judicial oversight then that is not an issue.

demanding data from companies without even getting a court order first isn't an issue, it's the companies rolling over and handing that data over that is the issue.

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by rkuhn In reply to brilliant

Do you look over your shoulder walking down the sidewalk? Do you close your curtains during the day? Do you randomize your routes to work, school, stores? Do you use a pay phone instead of a cell phone?

Dude, you are paranoid...they make pills for that. My rights as a citizen haven't changed at all since **1.

Give me one concrete example, and I mean concrete, how my rights have been violated in a way that I care.

I periodically talk to my sister in Vietnam...if my calls are being monitored, I could care less. I'll bore them to death.

If they are monitoring my web searches, I could care less...all they will see is me surfing porn...cough cough, I mean doing research into IT stuff.

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by rixmail In reply to Paranoid

Well, under the LAW and the constitution, you have the right to due process. Under the patriot act your phone call to your sister gives them the right to show up at your house and search through all of your property and personal belongings without a warrant and without notifying you. If GWB decides he doesn't like you, for what ever reason, you can be declared an enemy combatant and sent to Guantonemo. You lost your right to due process, miranda rights, trial by jury. THey don't even have to notify anyone that you were taken. You claim you are not an enemy combatant? Who cares, the decision can not legally be reviewed by any court. BTW, they just passed a law that lets them execute military prisoners on foreign soil so maybe you wouldn't have to eat too many of those delicious chicken dinners while you are there.

You are losing more liberties every day and you don't even know it.

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yeah right...

by reconlabtech In reply to rights

So Echelon and Carnivore are legal because Bill Clinton was involved but surveilance of calls from known or suspected Al Qaeda operatives from outside the country calling into the country is illegal and outrageous because George W. Bush is involved. Yeah right. Did George Soros pay you to say that or do you even know who he is or anything else about what you are talking about beyond what and the DNC send you in your email?

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by rixmail In reply to yeah right...

I guess you get all your news from Rupert Murdoch.

Legal and Illegal is pretty simple. Bush says "its an old law". Well it may be old, but its also the CURRENT law. If he can't operate within it then he should have it changed within the law, not BREAK the law. Go 98 mph in a 50 and tell the nice policeman that you don't have to obey the law because its an old law.

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Other Presidents

by rkuhn In reply to news

Other presidents, including Carter and Clinton, selectively did what Bush is doing now.

The media is doing what the media does best...sensasualism (I can't spell).

Besides, Congress was informed of this 3 years ago and no one made a big deal of it until they figured out it had traction in the media and public opinion circles.

I didn't hear Kennedy, Clinton, and others speak up back then.

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Good Point

by rkuhn In reply to yeah right...

And maybe if Clinton had done what Bush is doing now, Bid Laden would of been captured prior to **1.

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