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hmmm yet another Microsoft screwup....

By Jaqui ·
This one in the PRIVACY DEPARTMENT!!!!!
They admitted, publicly, that they took data from your msn searches and handed it to us government, to allow the us government to illegally tap your phones and monitor your internet activities.
That is SPYWARE in action..oh, it's Microsoft in action, the largest spyware company in the world.
Use Microsoft?
Not when they have just proven beyond all doubt that their sole intention is to screw you over, by denying you the rights of existing privacy legislation at thier whim.**0/microsoft-admits-to-handing-over-search-data-to-feds.html

You can if you want, just don't expect to be getting any respect from people that Respect Privacy laws.

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by johndoe2 In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

i second and third that. how nice of microsoft to decided to bend at big brothers demands. and this is the ppl we expect to give us a better browser and a better os? and better search and email??? is it any wonder IE is loosing ground to Firefox, and msn search is lagging behind both google and yahoo, so-on and so forth...

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Jacqui, please apologise to your fan club

by Bob G Beechey In reply to hmmm yet another Microsof ...

acqui, please apologise to your fan club (of which I am one - and no, I don't think you are a woman or that you look loke your icon). The article to which you prvided the link has a Microsoftian stating "that no personal data was included and that while the DoJ can find out how often a term was searched for, it cannot look up IP addresses of users or look for users who used multiple search queries." Gregl in his post noted this.
How does this gel with your assertion that MS compliance to government request will "allow the us government to illegally tap your phones and monitor your internet activities".
This has meant that most of the discussion has been based on misleading information.
To discuss whether MS or Google are right in their attitude to requests from such summary material is a different and very interesting question.

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