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Holy Cow Laugh

By CuteElf ·
Here, Guys and Gals..

READ this ..and keep one next to your desk..


i'm tired

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No doubt

by Oz_Media In reply to and how many

EMPLOYEES, the peons hired by the HR peons, are always thinking th ecompany woul dgrind to a halt without them, that they are the bread and butter etc. This is SO prominent in IT, it's pretty stupid actualy just how many IT staff members THINK they rnu the show just because their company decided to deploy a network that millions can operate and maintain just as well.

It's like a McDonalds employee thinking he runs the restaurant because he has been flipping burgers there like nobody else can for over 10 years. Keep flipping those burgers, others have a career to build and your job to manage.

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Ms. Elf

by jck In reply to Holy Cow Laugh

I loved it :)

Sorry you're tired.

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The real dummy is the writer

by Oz_Media In reply to Holy Cow Laugh

The writer, apparently the IT guy for his corporation, is completely delusional.

He states he has been given the responsibility, he then leads on with the assumption that these are HIS terminals. Obviously this IT wannabe is 100% delusional. As many have said here before, "it is MY computer, MY server" etc. Give your head a shake, you are being paid to maintain it, it is YOUR responsibility, but not YOUR hardware anymore than it is the users hardware. The USER also has a responsibilty to use that equipment in a responsible manner, just as the IT manager has.

The IT manager does NOT OWN the equipment, as he states incorrectly, it isn't HIS equipment, not "MINE".

It is just another stupid example of IT management thinking they own the IT network, these are the types of people who come here complaining about their bosses wanting to change THEIR hardware etc.

What a knob!

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by DMambo In reply to The real dummy is the wri ...

I think maybe it was supposed to be humorous.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Umm..

But there's no humour intended by the Admin who thinks he owns the systems. I am sure he is quite serious, as we've seen the same comments offered here too many times to count.

The writer thinks he's havign a laugh at the noobs and knobs he has to manage each day, but really the joke is on him for even thinking it's HIS network and HIS equipment. Really, a lot of these guys actually feel that way.

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The KISS rule...

by dfirefire In reply to The real dummy is the wri ...

I agree that the humor resides in stating the IT guy is the owner.
Nonetheless there is the KISS rule: Keep It Simple and Stupid (or Simple for Stupido's?) Most people have already enough trouble understanding how to do their job on their computers, they can use a simple, visible "enemy" not to step upon in the form of the IT guy(s). Don't confuse them with debates on who is the real owner of the infra (most of the times it's the bank!), because they could get the idea that no-one is caring about their (computer-)crimes...

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it was sooooo funny

by neil_essex In reply to The KISS rule...

for all of you who never found it ammusing, i laughed so much, i cried...i decided to put one copy in each suite. and guess wot ?. my workload decreased overnight, now who

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--- Begin Rant ---

by faradhi In reply to Holy Cow Laugh

Those types of bastages give us a bad name. That is the type of attitude that makes my job harder. Those types of comments is why I get the third degree every time I try to do anything progressive. The twit that wrote that article is the reason why I have to tell my boss when I perform a little preventative maintenance.

I am tired of these power hungry geeks that got beat up in high school so much they now they want to punish the rest of the world. Personally, I think they got beat one too few times. These types of short sight **** ants tick me off. I just have one message for them...

Get over yourself. Your not that important.

--- End of rant ---

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give it a rest faradhi need help ...medical help

by neil_essex In reply to --- Begin Rant ---

i cant believe you have,nt got a sense of humour, it was meant to be amusing not to the letter ,read in between the lines and you will see i was meant that way so lighten up and smile, cos a smile costs nothing and is infectious, ho ho ho merry xmas.

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I got medical help...

by faradhi In reply to give it a rest faradhi .. ...

they gave me a pill...
It cured me of my sense of humor...
But I feel reeeeeeallll Goooooooood.

If I had not met a LOT of people with that same attitude in IT, I would not be so condemning.

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