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Holy Cow Laugh

By CuteElf ·
Here, Guys and Gals..

READ this ..and keep one next to your desk..


i'm tired

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hmmm doubtful

by neil_essex In reply to I got medical help...

i have been in IT for many years, and the things i get asked and that get done to "MY" computers still makes me laugh, but hey we aint all perfect or we be out of a job...right?

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Maybe I overstated the problem a little.

by faradhi In reply to hmmm doubtful

But So many of us techs take stuff like that as a mantra.
I have fought those attitudes in classes I have taught.

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Techies develop a love/hate...

by jzsdii In reply to Holy Cow Laugh

relationship with their users. Most help desk techies have a COMPULSION to solve user problems and keep everybody rolling. However, every so often, frustrations build up.

I interpret the html as a temporary venting that let off steam and went nowhere else.

Everybody's entitled and we can empathize and laugh.

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He's got it all wrong

by road-dog In reply to Techies develop a love/ha ...

Those computers are his when they act up and die with valuable corporate information on them. At all other times they are the user's porn surfing, music rustling, ebay shopping, "whadya doing this week-end" email sharing, time wasters.

They are not yours, they are your problem. There is a small but significant distinction there.

Now keep those rants off MY computer!!!!!!!!!!

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by neil_essex In reply to He's got it all wrong

(quote)Those computers are his when they act up and die with valuable corporate information on them.(unquote) ...COME ON !!! you never heard of backup...methinks not...well i have my say and i'll leave it at the end of the day it meant to be a bit of light humour, and users will be users however crap thay are. but remember

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