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Holydays come :-)

By 3xp3rt ·
It?s summer, and that?s mean Holydays. So I ask you guys what?s your plans are?
I would like to go in trips, I like mountains, but I like also the beach so I?m not sure where to go in this summer. Here are some rules for holyday:

1. Never take the phone with me

2. Don?t talk about my holyday plans at work (location, addresses)

3. I go in a place where can?t find any computer

??. And you?

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I was in Vancouver

by j.lupo In reply to Regarding #2

once, and didn't want to go home. I was there on business though. That seems to be how I get to travel. ?

Seriously though, this time of year when the heat and humidity start makes me want to run to the mountains and snow and cold air. Iceland sounds nice.

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I've always wanted to visit Iceland

by DMambo In reply to Regarding #2

I think when the kids are gone, I'll insist that the little lady and I have a vaction in Iceland. I've heard thet Reyjevic (too lazy to check spelling) is a pretty happenin' town. People who can tolerate the darkness for so long must love to party.

I've also, for some reason, wanted to visit PEI since I was a kid. We're doing it this year, but only for a couple of days.

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At work

by 3xp3rt In reply to Regarding #2

I specified ?at work?. So I talk about my vacation plans with a lot of people, but never at my work place. The reason? It?s simple; I don?t want to be finding if there is some stupid problem. (?My computer doesn?t start!!!? Have you verified the power button of your monitor? And so on)

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This will be a big year for me

by jdclyde In reply to Holydays come :-)

My boys just turned 14 (twins) and are now able to go hunting with me. They are very excited.

We have done the hunters and gun safety classes.

Now we need to get out camping and scouting to decide where we will spend opening week for rifle season.

We are also spending a lot of time in stores comparing equipment and making a list of what will be needed for their first time out.

Except for my cousins wedding next month, this will be the main focus of my summer/fall, leading right up to November.

Phone? I will have it, but it is off and charged. This is for incase of breakdowns or whatever.

Don't talk about it at work? Only some, and only to a few. I don't have to worry about them trying to track me down while I am gone.

Computer? I usually take my laptop. Check emails and watch some DVD's. I generally don't sleep as much, so during quiet time I come to TR. (looooser!)

Camping/hiking/shooting (rifle and bow)/canoeing and maybe even sneak in a golf trip this year.

I don't see getting a chance to leave Michigan except to go to Indiana to help my Aunt move soon, and maybe if I can swing it to check out some of the festivals over in Toronto that James posted links to.

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Beer is on me.....

by JamesRL In reply to This will be a big year f ...

As long as you don't drink Bud or old Milwaukee...

You can drop thing one and two at my place, my son (who has two younger sisters and no brothers) would be happy. Lots of things they can do while we hit the nightlife...

I can tell you when I go on vacation, I will take the cell, but I don't expect a call unless the world has caved in. I will appoint someone as the primary contact for the department when I am away and I trust them to make the right decisions. It helps that I have some people on the team who have been with thte company for 20 years.

I will not check email or even take my laptop. You have to plan for an absense - we do it here all the time. I have one staff member who is going away for three weeks and he is sole provider of some things, he is training someoen to take over his duties as we speak.



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To clearify

by jdclyde In reply to Beer is on me.....

PERSONAL email, not work email.

With family all over the country, and friends that are as busy as I am, I use email to stay in touch.

The work emails do not even get looked at.

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