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By tiffysj ·
I'm taking this class about building a computer...and I have no idea yet how to start where I can buy the cheaper parts or where I can buy the cheaper OS s/w, so any suggestion?

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build computer

by sgeisler In reply to

I just built a new computer and chose to buy mothboard and chip and case at local stores. I did have some things from my existing computer, got the ram from Best Buy for under $20 with rebate. I have had great luck with and used to check. Also check for pricing. Good luck, but make sure you do your research as the first time can be a daunting experience.

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RE: Home Network

by SageTech In reply to Home Network

Research Research Research
1) Find websites that do reviews.
Say for example you wish to start with the motherboard.
a) Use and use logical search words "motherboard review compare"
When you find a motherboard youlike go to the manufactures website of the motherboard and look for all info on it, FAQ, Manuals, techno documentation, release notes.
b) You will probably find that the Intel website beats all others hands down with its wealth of documentation "recommended for a first time builder".
2) Again Research Research Research
a) What processors does this board support?
b) Does the "processor" you chose affect the type, speed, amount of memory you must install.
Many manufactures have suggested suppliers that have passed some sort of certification.
c) Are there minimum air flow recommendations for the case?
d) Are there recommendations for the power supply?
3) Go back to line 1) and use similar approach for the hard drive, cd-dvd R RW "lots of choices here" sound and video cards, monitor, keyboard, mouse, scanners, printers networking devices ETC.....

CONTINUED see reply or next post.

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RE: Home Network - CONTINUED

by SageTech In reply to RE: Home Network

Once again Research Research Research
For a first time builder get the big brand names, buy the items "retail boxed" you will pay more for retail boxed items but you will get all the manuals, disks, cables and better warranties.
Don?t forget to read EVERYTHING sent in the retail box too.
Yes it's a pain to do all this but remember if you build it YOU support it!
You will get allot of help from the manufactures if you need it as long as you bought it retail boxed.
4) Operating System, Imay catch flack for this but GET WINDOWS XP! It will cost you as you have to pay full price when you build your own system, Retail copy not upgrade nor OEM. As soon as you get online UPDATE YOUR SECURITY PATCHES!!!
And your Anti-Virus files. You are very vulnerable when you first put a new system on the net until you do this.
5) Networking "this can be a major headache to a new person so I am going to offer you a cheat here.
Microsoft now makes networking hardware both wireless and wired and include a very hand CD and floppy diskette with a extremely simple to use Wizard to set up your network for you.
P.S. make a contact sheet listing the websites and tech support phone numbers "PRINT IT OUT" and put it where its handy if a problemoccurs 6 months down the road.
You will learn a ton building your own systems but it can be very rewarding and the knowledge and skills you gain are valuable.

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