Home Networking in a mixed Vista - XP enviroment

By jameyw_98 ·
Now that Vista has been released to the public, many people are trying to incorporate their new Vista machines into their exsisting Win XP home networks. Has anyone found this to be an easy task? I have come across a few problems that the Help and Support files do not address. I have installed the LLTD responder on all XP machines. It seemed to work for about a day. Now it's not. I can't see my shared printer that is connected to my Vista machine. Yes, I do have print and file sharing enabled in Vista. It can see the workgroup, but no printer. Any thoughts?

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by BALTHOR In reply to Home Networking in a mixe ...

This is the computer industry's dilemma.It's like there's something in the computer that senses when we are happy then it smashes us.How could any of this equipment make it out the factory door?I doubt that even Microsoft or the computer store could solve these problems.In a perfect world you hook things up and they just work.

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so in a perfect world

by w2ktechman In reply to THE PROBLEMS ARE REAL ENO ...

all of us techs would be unemployed???

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Vista with XP and 2000

by mcse420 In reply to so in a perfect world

I can get XP to see the Vista and 2000 PCS. But when i access the computer i dont have access. on the Vista PC I only see the Vista PC. ON the 2000 PC i once in 2 hours saw the Vista pic with no changes to the network. I can serf fine on all but cant get network access to the 3 pcs on the Linksys router. WTF Vista sucks ***

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Vista Microsoft screw up

by esochin In reply to Vista with XP and 2000

I too have an XP computer on which I tried to replace an older Dell XP witha new one using VISTA. Same problems.. no access to and from two Dells, not able to print etc.
Dell suggests using disks to copy files back and forth and buying additional printers. Microsoft says it isn't their problem because I purchased the machine from Dell.
Linksys says they haven't figured it out yet.
Thanks Microsoft!!

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Dmoain Controller needed

by Sundog1966 In reply to Vista Microsoft screw up

The only way I was able to get XP, 2000, and Vista to talk together was to set up a machine Running Windows Server 2003 configured as a domain controller. I then set up new accounts on each of the machines with the same id as on the domain controller. I then logged into these accounts on the respective machines and was able to access all files using the new domain accounts. Total cost $Cdn2500 dollars for hardware and a licence of Windows server to connect four machines on a 5 user licence of Windows Server. But at least it works. I also had to upgrade the Vista machine to ultimate to allow me to have the ability to log into a domain, ANOTHER $Cdn499. Talk about your $3000 toilet seats.

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You wanted more than I need...

by eayres In reply to Dmoain Controller needed

I've got three machines, two on Win XP Home and one on Vista Business. By upgrading some little "bits" of IP support software from Microsoft, configuring things carefully, and so on, I have been able to access "shared areas" on each machine from each of the others. My biggest problem is that my wife does not like to have to use a password when she logs on to one of the machines. Because she refuses to have her account configured with a password on all machines, Vista won't let her use networked printers it has attached. Microsoft under Vista really insists that the identity of an active process seeking to use a shared resource be confirmed. Your 'buy a server' solution gets you access to all file areas including stuff I'm willing to go to the console of each individual machine to get.

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is the printer supported by Vista

by CG IT In reply to Home Networking in a mixe ...

you've done everything the KBs say to do to see the workgroup and shares.

can't think of anything else other than that maybe the printer driver isn't supported by Vista.

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Complete list of steps

by Prefbid II In reply to Home Networking in a mixe ...

My network at home has been a mix of XP and Vista for some time. However, my wife decided to get a new laptop for her business and now it was essential that I be able to transfer her files and share the printer. I think I must have hit every problem under the sun trying to get the computers to talk. I also discovered that there is not a consolidated list of all the steps that need to be accomplished in order to get everything to work. So here they are--

On the Vista Machine:
1.In "Systems" ? "Change Settings", under "Computer Name" ? "Change": Change the default workgroup to the workgroup used by XP network e.g., ?FAMILY?. Then Reboot.

2.In Network and Sharing Center
A.Connect to a network
i.Add the information needed to connect to the wireless router
B.Turn on Network Discovery
C.Turn on File Sharing
D.Turn on Public Folder Sharing
E.Under Customize Network Settings
i.Set the network name to the name used on the router
ii.Mark as ?Private?

3.In Welcome Center ? Add New Users
A.Activate the Guest Account

4.Open up a regular Document folder and Add a new folder for sharing purposes.
A. right click the folder and select Property
B. select Share
C. Give the file a name and ?share?
D. Go into Advanced Sharing
E. Select the ?Share this folder? check box
F. Select Permissions
G. Make ?everyone? a ?co-owner? of the file.
?Allow? everyone full control.

5.Open up "Printers"
A. Add a Printer
B. Add a local Printer - Even if you are wanting to share a network printer, do not use the network option.
C. ?Create a New Port? & ?Local Port?
Enter the URL address of the printer ? my case //Widescreen/printer2

6. Norton 360
A.Disable Firewall ? If there is a way to get Norton Firewall to play nicely with an XP network I would love to hear about it.
B.Enable Vista Firewall

On the XP Machine (assuming it already is set up to share files and printer)

1. Install Link Layer Topology Discovery (LLTD) Responder on the XP machines.

2.If Norton Security is installed.
A. Open Norton and View Network Map
B. ?trust? all members of the network.
C. You *MUST* add the network you are on to your trusted networks inside of Norton. Open Norton. -> Select the Norton Internet Security Tab. -> Scroll down to bottom. -> Select the Internet Security and Firewall Options link. -> Select Trust Control. Locate your network and add to trusted.

D. Alternatively trust all your IP addresses in range.

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Works like a charm

by webehi2 In reply to Complete list of steps

Thanks Prefbid...excellent list. Only thing was in Vista set up, #4, the flow didn't go quite that way for me, but I just did the folder the way I always did in XP and it was perfect.

Thanks again.


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Netwok Setup Wizard

by strizile In reply to Home Networking in a mixe ...

I just got myself a Vista Laptop.

I also have a XP PC and Laptop.
One printer on the XP PC and one on the Vista Laptop.

What I did was to share my printer on the XP PC and on my Vista Laptop.
What in the end did the trick was to use the Network Setup Wizard from the XP PC.

You will have to choose the option for non XP Os when asked and save it on a USB stick.

Plug it into all your other units and run the file from the USB.

If you get an error message then ignore it and just reboot.

Voil`a the trick is done.

At least it works fine with my network. I can see all networked units from any of the units on the network as well as all the printers and also print to them.

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