Home Page Address Tab Disabled?

By warlock0508 ·
Please Help...

i have a problem on my internet explorer 5 - properties - HomePage Tab... I can't change the address. is it disabled???

i've noticed that the default address was changed to "" so I search for what is it. I have found out that it was a virus so from my research I used an anti-spyware namely AVG anti-spyware 7.5...

The program scanned and deleted various cookies... but when i went to internet properties i still noticed that the Home Page section at the General Tab was still unusable or can't be modified...

So please help me find out how to make the address tab in the Internet Properties in General Tab changeable/enable/or editable... tanx

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HUM Anti Spy Ware Utilities will not remove a Virus

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Home Page Address Tab Dis ...

You need an Anti Virus Tool to do this. As you didn't make any reference to which version of Windows you are using it can get hard from here if it's 98 you'll need to perform a DOS Scan from a Boot CD so that nothing gets loaded into RAM and is incapable of being removed. If you have Windows 2000 start it in Safe Mode to do the same thing but use the installed Anti Virus Program to scan with.

AVG make both Anti Spy Ware and Anti Virus Products and both are useful but I'm not sure what you can use to scan a 98 computer these days as all the Virus Definitions will be way out of date.


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Thanks Hal

by warlock0508 In reply to HUM Anti Spy Ware Utiliti ...

My Operating System is Windows XP Professional...

I have used both AVG anti-virus and anti-spyware products but my concern really is that i can't modify by address tab because it is still disabled... is there a way to enable this part of general tab at the internet options???


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There are are a couple of options here

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thanks Hal

You can try one of these AV Options and scan in Safe Mode after loading them Spy ware Doctor is both a AV and Mal Ware Scanner and is available here

Avast 4 available here

or you can try one of these on line scanners which will scan your system while on line and tell you if there are any problems, they should also tell you the correct manner to remove the infections if any that you still have and this sounds like you are still infected

I would suggest that you try a couple of the On Line Scanners and follow the listed directions to remove any infections and then when that is finished you should be able to alter the Browsers Home Page after the infection is properly removed.

First I would suggest that you scan the system in Safe Mode with your existing AV & Mal Ware Scanner and to get into Safe Mode you need to push the F8 key before the first Windows Splash Screen appears and hold the key down till you either hear the speaker going nuts or you see white on black writing on the screen which allows you to alter how you boot the system. Then try the last On Line Scanner after a reboot and make sure that the system is clean. Once that you have cleaned your system you should be able to do everything that you could previously.

OH Incidentally IE6 was the only Browser that came available in XP IE5 was restricted to 98SE and Windows 2000.


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by MidnightStorm In reply to Home Page Address Tab Dis ...

Hi There.

I dont really like using AVG, as I once had a laptop which when scanned with AVG it showed it was clean however when it was scanned with NOD32 it showed that there was actually a worm and a couple of Trojans.

What I would suggest doing is to download NOD32 and scan your pc with that. You dont have to boot into safe mode.

See what crops up and just make sure that the pc is actually clean.
Other than that upgrading to IE6 or IE7 might also help.


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stupid I know but...

by MidnightStorm In reply to Home Page Address Tab Dis ...

Just to double check... you have restarted your pc since doing the scans right?

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