Home PC Desk top is WiFi available?

By perrij ·
I am wondering is wifi available for home pc, I mean the big units not lap tops. If so what do i need to convert this. Thank You in advance. I have dsl in home now, some one told me wifi is faster.

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If you mean WiFi Broadband as per the 3 G Phone Network

by OH Smeg In reply to Home PC Desk top is WiFi ...

Your answer is yes you can use a WiFi 3G Broadband Device with a Desktop PC and obtain Wireless Broadband on a Home PC.

There is no modifications involved as all you require is a Wireless Receiver that can either plug into a USB port or can be a desktop device that connects with Cat 5 Cable to a Ethernet Port. Obviously you need to be in an area that has Wireless Broadband to get this but most major Residential Areas now have this service available and if you have 3 G coverage you should have access to Wireless Broadband as the 3 G Phones use this Service.


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WiFi Broadband on home PC

by perrij In reply to If you mean WiFi Broadban ...

I want to say thank you for responding to this question You are very helpful and I will do as you said to connect. Thank You again.. John

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Yes you can attach one on to your computer, they look like this...

Wireless network card:;Computers;Networking%20and%20Internet;Wireless%20Network%20Cards&Catalog=Computers&Sort=0&Page=1
The cards look like this:
D-Link RangeBooster G Desktop Adapter - WDA-2320

? Faster RangeBooster G? Wireless connection
? Easy-to-Use Wireless Security features
? 64/128-bit WEP and Wi-Fi Protected Access
All you do is open up your case and slot this into one of the small slots, these are called "PCI" slots, they are usually white in colour (if you call white a colour that is). When slotted in you just load on the software (or if you have Vista, Vista will be able to load on the drivers for you). :)
The only thing is that you need a wifi router, so if you have say Netgear then get the netgear Wireless add on card. Why?, because it makes it easier for the two to talk to each other and easier for you to set up. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Turn off the computer before opening the case!

by 1bn0 In reply to Yes you can attach one on ...

I know, but sometimes it needs to be said.

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Wireless Internet

by TheChas In reply to Home PC Desk top is WiFi ...

Yes, you can get wireless Internet for your desktop PC.

Note that wireless Internet is not the same as Wi-Fi. Most wireless Internet services are provided by the cell phone service providers using the same tower that the cell phone service uses.

As far as the speed, that depends on the specifics of your DSL provider and the wireless providers available to you.

A lot depends on how close you are to both the phone companies central switch and the wireless antenna. Also, if you have obstructions between you and the cell phone tower, including metal siding, you may have troubles with wireless Internet.

Generally speaking the speeds for wireless and DSL are about the same. Unless, you are near the distance limit for DSL and can only get the slowest speed offered.

At least where I live, DSL is under 1/2 the cost of wireless Internet.

As to hardware, when you sign up for wireless Internet, the provider gives you a choice of a PC card or USB modem. You would want the USB modem with the optional antenna.

As far as looking for service options, start with your cell phone provider (hoping for bundle discounts) and see what they have to offer. Compare the cost and speed with what you are now getting with DSL.


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by mjd420nova In reply to Home PC Desk top is WiFi ...

By your question, I take it as you stated. Yes, WIFI is available in card form for your desktop PC. However, it can not be any faster than being wired to the modem directly. You'd need a wifi router to do this but you are still limited to the speed of the DSL modem, just converting from wired to wireless is not going to make your connection any faster. Now a wireless AIR CARD is a direct connection to a wireless provider, just like a cellular phone. These are quite fast and there are many speeds available at various prices and will be quite a bit faster than a DSL connection.

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