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Home routers - The best of the cheap

By house ·
Any solid unbias reviews of cheap hardware routers?

ie. Linksys, D-Link, etc...

I am interested in getting a newer device with a solid firewall interface, more advanced options, ICMP rules, wireless connection certificates, DMZ... perhaps even logging to a network share (does that even exist on these things?). My current router is crap.

Basically, I want the best of the $50 - $150 range. Any reviews, suggestions, issues? Of course, I would rather run a *nix box firewall OS, but that'll have to wait.

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Never seen that one...

by house In reply to Try this

But I've read quite a bit about this

The onlly reason that I chose this router is it's flexibility. I bought it, grabbed the latest flash immediately, and haven't had a single problem. I'll count the days before my first power cycle... hopefully I will never have to do it. :)

* I've read some scattered reviews of the various 'firmware' and 'ram drive' (for lack of a better term) hacks for the router. Is there one in particular that (is)...

you use, have used, unstable, stable, can damage the box... any recommendations and warnings would be much appreciated. :)

Right now I'm looking at Sveasoft's Alchemy 6rc5. Any comments?

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Should have known :-)

by dafe2 In reply to Never seen that one...

ROFL.........I'm still laughing my hole off at the penguin & the router......

Actually, I use that same router in my office at home with the latest firmware & that's it.
I added the monitor for it's ability to send me SMTP alerts.

The AP's range works to my'd have to be on my doorstep to 'mess arround'.

I don't use (or believe in) software firewalls of ANY sort & haven't had any problems with this setup. There's a CISCO PIX on the network just in case.........but it hasn't seen any action. I only have 3 ports open. LOL

So, all I ever did is set it up, flash the ROM, secured it & let it gather dust on the bookcase.

IMO, I don't think you'll be doing too many power cycles as it seems to be a very reliable product.

Now that I think about it.....a lot of the guys prefer this router over others for VPN setups. I guess they had a lot of problems with D-Links - They don't play well with CISCO SOHO's. (Wonder why?)

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I'm not going to push it then

by house In reply to Should have known :-)

Unless I get some solid feedback, there is no point in being the guinee pig.

We are a major Internet/Telecom provider, so I think that I'll grab one of our gateways and play around with it too... don't know why I'm still paying for a POTS line, my internet connection never goes down. I'm in a "we pay our taxes" cable node - heh.

ps - Is Link Logger supported with the factory firmware? Why do I think that I read somewhere that it is not supported with the Linksys factory OS? Maybe I should just shut up and try it.

Collapse -'s a sample:

by dafe2 In reply to I'm not going to push it ...

I think I just just edited my post at the same time.....I remembered some of our guys use this for VPN connections as well.


The public IP was removed of course ;-)

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:49.943 : 54410 >>> : 21

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:50.013 : 54410 >>> : 23

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:50.453 : 54410 >>> : 21

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:50.473 : 54410 >>> : 23

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:50.964 : 54410 >>> : 21

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:51.004 : 54410 >>> : 23

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:51.475 : 54410 >>> : 21

Link Logger Inbound Connection Attempt Alert Mar 12, 2005 19:48:51.515 : 54410 >>> : 23

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by house In reply to's ...

Why does it not seem to be working for me...

Let me get the facts;
- you have the same router
- you are not using 3rd party firmware
- you have the latest firmware from Linksys (3.03.6)

I'll read a bit more on it, but I'm positive that this is not supported. Are you sure that you are not using Alchemy? I've checked all of my settings...

f**k it - I'm going to work.

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by dafe2 In reply to's ...

Don't know what to say............I did some checking too....& I found the references you were talking about. The new Linklogger rev supports the out of the box setup.

I haven't tweaked the ROM at all other than flash the ROM. (Too damn lazy to do this at home :-)

I (know) you did all the things we'd ask each other to do, so now I'm stumped???????

Actually your lucky you went to wife just came in and gave me 'the look'.. LOL

Lemme know how you make out...........or if I can assist

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ha ha ha ha ha ha

by house In reply to's ...

* It looks like they took down the hack, but see the second link for my screenshot.

Now, I think I will stick with my factory flash.

If you don't see what I am talking about... look for the black text near the top. I haven't seen that in years. That's what they get for messin' with the GPL. heh


I've never laughed so hard at something so lame... hahahah

I got a screenshot of this one.

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by doug m. In reply to Home routers - The best o ...

I personally use a Netgear WIFI router (FM114P)with a built in firewall and it also acts as a print server, which comes in very handy. Don't get the cheap ones they sell at the local stores, go with something like their FWG114P model which does both B and G WIFI. I have the B version which is ok too. Fast, reliable, good tech. support as well. Has a 3 year warranty. Also supports VPN. Costs roughly $156.

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rule of thumb

by apotheon In reply to Netgear

Never get a Netgear switch or router that retails for less than $100. Netgear's low-end stuff is crap. I'm a little iffy on the midrange equipment, too: at my datacenter job, we just installed a Cisco 56-port switch and moved a fiber connection from one of the Netgear switches to the Cisco. We discovered that disconnecting the fiber from the Netgear switch caused some huge problems, and actually crashed the BigIron switch the in the datacenter. Nobody saw that coming.

Yes, the Netgear crashed the BigIron. It's that bad. We'll be getting another Cisco switch so that if we ever have a need to move the fiber (such as hardware failure in the Cisco) we won't have to plug into the Netgear to keep ourselves in operation. Suffice to say: I'm wary of Netgear.

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Netgear vs Cisco

by doug m. In reply to rule of thumb

Well yeah I would agree that Cisco is probably better if you're talking about a business rather than a home environment. But the mid-range Netgear stuff seems to work fine for the average home user with a handful of machines connected.

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