Homebuilt computer trouble

By zack247 ·
i built a computer from scratch, but every hard drive i put in it stops working, they don't respond at all, and i can't format them either. it starts fine, but it says it can't find an operating system, and after that, the hard drive no longer works.

can anyone help me figure out what i did wrong? thank you.

P.S: it's motherboard is out of an hp pavilion. but all the small square connectors came off, so i had put them back on as described on the motherboard.

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shouldnt cost

by ismail.magued In reply to RE: here is what went wro ...

a check on your hard ware should not cost you alot.
you just the tell the maintenance engineer to check your hard ware.
he must i repeat he must come back with a reply as to the cost of any replacements of adjustments or repairs.

but getting it checked should only a simple check up fee.

But I repeat ask him to tell you about the cost of any repairs or replacements.
it is youe decision what do to about the end result.

if u need any thing else dont hesitate to email me

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"Small square connectors"?

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Homebuilt computer troubl ...

Could you put in more detail on what these are?
Are they the cables that run from the front of your computer, like the on and off switch?

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small connectors are called...

by zack247 In reply to "Small square connectors" ...

jumpers. thats what i've been told. when i posted the message, i had forgotten what they were called, so i described them, hoping i described them well enough. but apparently i had not described them good enough.

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Start with the Basics

by kmurray In reply to small connectors are call ...

What you should do is first check your CMOS on bootup and make sure the hard drive settings are set to automatic. This tells the motherboard to detect the installed hard drives,if you are not sure how to get into the CMOS or even what the CMOS is talk to one of your friends who knows about the CMOS or ask the local computer shop technician.

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RE: Start with the Basics

by zack247 In reply to Start with the Basics

okay, so then after the new power box, i have to make sure the settings are set to automatic, then my computer should work, right?

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Hard Drives Bad?

by dpalsen In reply to Homebuilt computer troubl ...

I have a hunch that if this is indeed the case, you may not have a properly vented case, or otherwise may be putting it in a spot where there is little/no ventilation. I have a Compaq at home that blew a hard drive every month until I moved it away from my desk. Turns out the desk wall was blocking air from getting to the hard drive.

Just a thought.

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RE: Hard Drives Bad?

by zack247 In reply to Hard Drives Bad?

i've considered that, but i put in a new power box, and i have the computer well ventilated, but it still kills hard drives! currently, it has killed 3 hard drives, good thing the last one was only 2GB, or i'd be really mad. i'm beginning to think the motherboard is bad, cause everything else is new.

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