how about a break from . . .

By Who Am I Really ·
all these windows password reset questions,
and get back to something else ?


here's a problem that's just all of a sudden started on my main workstation,

I now can't access mozilla anything can't update add-ons etc.

the add-ons manager gets nowhere, no network activity shows and all the add-ons report back with
"there was a problem . . ."

and when I phone home to mozilla
(help, > check for updates)
to see if there are any firefox updates
I get a dialog with

"the connection was refused"


I even blasted the system today and restored to a month old clean backup
where everything was working up to this past Tuesday
the add-ons manager would report back, "There are no updates for ..."

here's the rub;
if I go over to one of my old win2K boxes on the same network,
I don't have the problem of no access to mozilla . . .
it was working last night an this morning
but when I fired up the main workstation: -> no go, no connecting to mozilla . . .

Spybot S&amp says: no problems
MBAM says: no problems
ESET is about 35% into a full scan and has already completed the C with no problems found

this system,
which let's me connect to just about anything else as I'm posting this from the problem workstation

I have an ongoing problem of the BS "server not found"
junk when trying to access MS anything and that happens across the network on any system

but a hearty handful of quick repeated refreshes via the address bar and the enter key I can usually connect but so far no go with mozilla. . .

- XP Pro SP3
- most crapdates: No IE7, or IE8, No WiMP11
- Intel Gigabit Ethernet
- C> 40GB; 12.5GB used (SATA)
- \> 1,000GB; 50% used (SATA)
- E> 1,500GB; 70% used (SATA)
- F> 278GB; 26% used (SATA)
- G> CD/DVD +-RW multi (E-IDE)
- H> CD/DVD +-RW multi (SATA)
- I> CD RW (E-IDE)
- J> 1,000GB; 50% used (SATA)
- K> 1,000GB; 40% used (SATA)

Multi-Card Reader assigned:
W: X: Y: Z:

Firefox 3.5.10 was .11 but can't get updates now

basically need to know what if anything can be done:

I even tried removing & re-installing the NIC before blasting the whole thing to restore from the backup

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Thanks for all the rsponses & ideas . . .

by Who Am I Really In reply to how about a break from . ...

thumbs all around for the replies:

- here's the final verdict:

?I will at some point in time do the dump & re-install of both previously stand alone systems:
- while I would use DBAN or HDDErase on an unknown HDD or virus damaged system
- there's probably no need for DBan as most likely, I will be changing the HDD when I redo the system(s)

- my main irritation / problem with doing this is that what I need to "backup" can't be backed up as a regular backup, because it's all OS configuration info, such as a dump truck load of group policy changes and manual registry hacks etc.
- I never store any user data on C (other than what I'm forced to specifically what's in documents & settings)
- I do have a base image, but it's well past the tombstone age,
- also, it would take me back to where I would be in about 5 hours from a fresh install but still with the stand alone no NIC config.
- I do use file / print sharing that's what all my win2K boxes are for, holding massive HDDs and the files on them
- when I install a system I get (almost, no IE7 or 8 no WiMP11 only 10) all of the updates while in a mostly default config. including the XP firewall etc.
- the only thing I disable immediately is the stupid auto(virus-infection)run / auto(malware-installer)play in Group Policy, as well as switch to classic mode
and then drop the WinNT4-SP6 File Manager onto the C

- I'm always behind a dual cascaded, Security NAT IPS etc. router config.
which is as follows:
-> Modem
- -> Router(A) first subnet
- - -> Router(B) second subnet
- - - -> switches & PCs

- the screen shots; it is XP if it's got green in it, I transfer that theme to every XP box I setup
- also I use Classic everything:
- - Classic Start Menu
- - Classic Control Panel
- - Classic Square Windows

- right now I don't have the 60 plus hours needed to flatten and re-install my main production system, and as the only current irritation is the tardy network places
I have sort of squashed that by creating full path direct shortcuts
as well as, when I have the need I can always use:
Pushd \\networkpath...

and get a drive letter out of it.


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Well, it'll be a further learning/practice excercise

by seanferd In reply to Thanks for all the rspons ...

when you get around to it.

I really hate doing re-installs for myself any more. I used to do it on a regular basis, esp. for 95/98, but I must have grown lazy.

When you get to it, have fun storming the castle! :)

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