How big of an HDD can Vista read? Would Linux be a...

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better OS to have? Same question for Linux users. How big an HDD will a Linux distro read?

I have read somewhere that '98 can read up to a 40 gig. HDD, XP can read up to 150 gigs., and Vista can read...? Linux can read...?

Can anyone tell me how big of an HDD can Vista or Linux read? If I were a small business owner, I would rather buy more 150 gig. HDDs for backup than buy new machines, servers, etc. Unless Vista can read a terabyte HDD. or higher, I wouldn't see any reason to up-grade now.

My question is: how much of a bigger HDD can Vista read over XP? How high can a Linux system read in comparison?

Interested Amateur

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Depends on available hardware

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How big of an HDD can Vis ...

I have XP reading a 450 GIG HDD without a problem and Vista doing the same thing but I've honestly never tried any bigger HDD yet.

The same applies to most versions of Linux as this tends to be more hardware related as the Max Size of a HDD is located in the BIOS of the Computer and you can not exceed this size and have it work.

If all you are looking for is storage space than any Network Attached Storage Device will hold far more HDD Space that you can ever use and be unaffected by OS. Incidentally the current biggest available HDD is 750 GIG that is freely available in SATA, 146 GIG in SCSI & 750 GIG in IDE or PATA depending on which you prefer to call that format.


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Thank you, Col.

by Interested Amateur In reply to Depends on available hard ...

Of course it would depend on the computer itself. How stupid of me not to realize this.

But, you answered my questions. Thanks...

Interested Amateur

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Vista/XP HD size

by retstg In reply to How big of an HDD can Vis ...

I have used 500 gig SATA I & II HDD's in XP & Vista with no problems for quite some time now. I actually have 2 of each type and have used them with single partitions and with multiple partitions.

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