How can i Make my Computer Pc a Router ?

By j0rd4n14n.r1z ·
Hello ...
How Can i make My Pc a Router to let other computer ( 3 Pc's ) to connect over this pc to the internet ...
And Make a Secure Conneting between Them .?

am useing ADSL MODEM Internet ..
/Eddy .

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Internet Sharing Connection

by p.j.hutchison In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

Use Network Connections wizard:

1. Set up an Advanced Connection
2. Accept Connect directly to another computer
3. Select Host (PCs w/o Modem) or Select Guest (PCs w/o Modem)
4. For Host, select Modem to use.
For Guests enter name of computer to connect to.
and so on.

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Once that is setup you'll need to add some software

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

For the security that you want so you'll need to look at a decent Firewall and some decent AV and Male Ware Programs to prevent any infections and you may want to block some sites as well so that will require it's own utility.


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Install proxy ....on Server and configure clients

by pandianec In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...


If r u using WinXP to install a third party Proxy tool on our machine..

And to configure ur client machines browser LAN settings and assign ur machines IP add and assign which port u HTTP, SMTP,FTP...

Or u are using Win2k3. u can done by configuring NAT.

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Check Administrative Tools

by kunal.khandait In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

Go to control panel. double click on Administrative tools. there you will find 'ROUTING AND REMOTE ACCESS'. click on action menu and configure your pc as a router.

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pretty easy

by Norehca In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

i had one set up once. i simply had the modem to my pc, and had a second lan card that went out to a switcher which then went to all of the computers in the house. make sure you bridge the connections or it wont work. no 3rd party software required.

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Linux is the answer for this.

by arp1024 In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

There's a good guide here

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With a router/firewall distro?

by seanferd In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

And probably some extra NICs or a switch.

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by sonjoy_888 In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

How to setup my desktop as a router!!

At First connect your PC with Internet

In this scenario my wireless lan is connected to internet and i will share this connection to other pc???s that will be connected to a switch and use internet through my lan card of my laptop.
*Switch will be connected directly to my Laptop and other PC???s will be connected to switch.

Go to the properties of your wireless lan.

Go to the sharing tab and select the option as above. Then select ok. And you will get this scenario below.

Select OK.
Now your Lan settings is as below.

And your local lan card would be automatically configured as below.

Now you are done???.In your mother PC.
Now let???s configure the Child???s PC???s
All the Child would be configured as below?????????.

Now configure the IP addressing for the local lan card of your child PC???s as below.

As the mother computer IP is, so child PC???s will get the same series IP address and will use the mother computer IP as the default gateway and DNS server.

Note:You can also use the DNS server IP which is provide by your ISP.

The selected IP is provided from my ISP as DNS.

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by sonjoy_888 In reply to How can i Make my Compute ...

the attached screenshots are not showing in here.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to a

Since the person in question asked this question on May 14 2007 nearly 5 years ago I really don't think that they will be overly concerned that whatever you attached isn't showing.


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