How Can I Recover Windows Hard Drive Data?

By Jalinawilliams ·
In my laptop, i was stored some important official work stored, but due to any kind of reason, i can't open my files which is crucial for me! So plz help me...

how can i recover Windows hard drive data? Please provide me appropriate suggestion...... ??

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Recovery software won't work in this case ...

by Rob Kuhn In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

As he states in a reply: "As far as we know the OP drive is toast with bearings glued into a molten blob"

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Need more information

by dion.shaw In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

Robo_dev21 and PurpleSkys are correct.

In order to answer the question, we would need to know if the drive is dead (recovery service is best bet) or simply inaccessible (can use a Linux run-time cd or Apricorn Y-connector).

If you can answer these questions Jalina, we can point you to the next step.

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One other issue

by dion.shaw In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

Always backup data that you can't afford to lose! Your company should have a policy in place for backing up data. If not, time to implement one!

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Reponse To Answer

by the_fifth_horseman In reply to One other issue

If the laptop was company-issued they'd have already taken it to their company's IT department. Leading to the conclusion that this is their private computer even if it has work-related documents on it.

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Can't read DATA

by dayen In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

I got to vote for robo_dev and Rob Kuhn, it's another day in IT were the whole story is one big ?. hands on is the only way to know most of the time

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Use Hiren's or Spinride software

by abhishek321 In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

You can use either of one bootable tools to recovery your important files from HDD.

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You can use some freeware to help you recover your files

by techformore In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

Don't be worry. Sometimes it is really common for us to last our files.What you should do is to find a data recovery freeware to help you, such as Recuva and iCare data recovery free. they are both effective and free. i have ever used Recuva to recover my MP4, it is really useful and worth trying.you could download it in this link:

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Well the critical wording here is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

important official work

To me this means that the data simply must be recovered and there is no possibility of loosing it which is acceptable.

The only answer to offer under those conditions is to send the drive to a Specialist Data Recovery House who is capable of reading the platters directly and not relying on any other part of the drive to actually be working.

Sure it's going to be expensive but if you simply must recover the data that is your best bet and if it is possible to recover they will be able to do it.

Any of the above suggestions which say use whatever software is not an Option here as the data must be recovered and it's loss is unacceptable under any circumstance. The more that the OP messes unsuccessfully with the drive the lower the chances of a Complete Recovery are and they are making that Recovery Attempt much more expensive so the best advice anyone could give here is to send it to a Specialist who has a History of Recovering Data of severely damaged HDD.

I would recommend Kroll Ontrack as they managed to get data off a HDD that was on-board Colombia months after it's destruction on Reentry into the Earths Atmosphere where as most other so called Data Recovery Houses wouldn't have touched the drive to begin with.

Just my 2 cents worth though and if it would Just be Nice to recover the data and it's loss isn't such an issue then any of the above Software Suggestions may work but equally they just as likely may not depending on what is actually wrong with the drive.

I should also point out if the drive was Encrypted none of the above suggestions will enable any form of Readable Data Recovery they all will just enable the OP to recover the Encrypted Files which will remain Unreadable no matter what they attempt to do with them. However the Good Data Recovery Houses will be able to recover Encrypted Files in a readable form so that they are usable.


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Way to recover your data!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by RehaAndrew In reply to How Can I Recover Windows ...

See me too have gone through the same situation, few months ago when i was trying to open my hard drive for my some important presentation i was not able to access my data. Then i asked me friends what to do. Many of them asked me to go for free available software online. I tried them but then also i have not got my data back. Then after few days somebody told me that why don't you consult some data recovery company. I asked them is they really going to help me he said yeah! for sure. As per him i did the same consulted a data recovery company and got my data back. Also the company told me whenever you are not able to access data from the hard drive dont experiment something by your own as hard drive is very sensitive media so, trying to tamper the hard drive again and again means you can lost your data for ever.

Hope this thing will help you out.

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