How can I save passwords to mapped drives on domain?

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At our local office here I have a win2k3 domain set up. Most of the client PCs connect locally though because of complications with our database program. However they all have mapped network drives that are controlled by the domain. I know when I originally set these up it gave me the option to save the password. However the last couple days everytime the users log back in I have to go in, disconnect the network drive and put the password back in, and theres no option to save it. Is there a way Im missing to either save the user and password for these drives or maybe associate a local account w/ an active directory user and pwd? all except one of the local user accounts and pwds are the same as their corresponding domain login. Any ideas?

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thats the thing

by DownRightTired In reply to OK a different direction

thats whats kind of confusing me, it is set that way. But it still asks for authentication, I guess for going from local machine to the domain. Does the eveyone group cover local users when set in security permissions or only 'domain everyones'?

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by the by

by DownRightTired In reply to How can I save passwords ...

I think i figured out why I suddenly had problems authenticating. The pcs that suddently had problems authenticating where ones that had other folders mapped to the same pc. I think the 2 different drives were mapped w/ 2 different logon names saved, so after one authenticated, it wouldnt let the local machine authenticate with another users name. This sound right?

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