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How can you ****-OFF a Customer ?

By just_chilin ·
How can you possibly ****-off an arrogant customer (tech support) without being fired?

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Customer/people it's all the same

by Oz_Media In reply to

I don't get MAD at people very often these days.

I get pissed of at things all the time, but that's a pretty minor issue and doesn't effect how I comunicate with customers.

Bottom line, you have a choice when you wake up whether you want to have a good bad or a bad one. If someone else chose a BAD day, then I am not going to let them change my choice of having agood day. Let them rant and rave, let them freak out, it's not MY bad day, it's THIER energy being wasted, not mine. When they're done, just smile and continue.

When I havre reason to be MAD at someone, they know it and it's no holds barred. But customers don't get at me that way, that's for damn sure.

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Well Said

by tisso_jayo In reply to Why?

3 cheers to you, you are the person who understands the technology as well as the marketing or rather trick-of-the-trade

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my method

by house In reply to How can you ****-OFF a Cu ...

Just recently, I got into an argument with a client who tends to go delinquent on his payments every other month.

"I see what the problem is... pay your f*ck*ng bill!"

There must be something about karma in this industry. The ones who ignore their debts, are usually the same people with consistent technical issues.

So, pride has taken over politics for me in these past few months. I'm just glad that I'm in an environment where I'm appreciated as an asset.

As for your issue, well it all depends. I have my own methods, but they are far from universal. Stand up tall, be yourself, and if your administration is not up to the challenge of defending their staff, then you are working at the wrong desk.

By the way, I typically have a good sense of political tact, but there is no helping some of these people.


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Only the weak need to one-up a client

by Oz_Media In reply to my method

If it wasn't for the customers, smart or stupid, you would be back in the basement with the Vic20.

Laugh and cry when you're off the line, to try and prove a point or make a fool of the customer is just weak and pathetic, you should not be in your chosen position in this case, it's obviously not for you.

Sorry to be harsh but this is reality, customers are USED to a- hole idiots when they call for support. I would say that 8 out of 10 tech support lines are answered by complete rejects of society that have NO customer service or people skills to speak of, but they have technical knowledge so they think they are important.

Just go to work and think yourself lucky you have a job at all, if you don't want to deal with the people (of all natures) then find a career that doesn't have you working with people at all. There are tens of thousands of people waiting for YOUR seat.

There's a lot more to good customer service and tech support than solving someone's problem.

If someone is smart, or thinks they are, tell them that and play dumb. They ARE smarter than you (don't you ever forget it), but between the two of you, you can find the right solution.

If you don't know what I am saying or don't think ALL customers are the backbone of YOUR employment, you can always apply for a job cleaning up at bus stops for the city. Late nights, very little public interaction and you can be as clever as you want.

SORRY HOUSE: Misposted, should be under chillin's post (perhaps chillin's just bitchin').

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customer service and tech support

by AFIT Mng In reply to Only the weak need to one ...

There's a lot more to good customer service and tech support than solving someone's problem, in this IT world I think we tend to forget that we are the becuse of our customers if they were not there or could solve all their problems on their own then we would be put out of business.

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by rapell In reply to customer service and tech ...

I couldn't agree more. Imagine you, seated there at your desk, and no customer on the other side of the desk or phone line?? you are nothing! even with all the tech skills in your head, what will you do, go home and play around with your machine?? if it aint broke.....

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by kevaburg In reply to Only the weak need to one ...

Firstly, I had a VIC-20 and I loved it!

Secondly, you could not be more right! Is it not true that clients call professionals for help they themselves cannot provide? If that professional provides the right solution where the client could not then they have earned their money.

If this guy (or gal) is in this job for the money or for the glory, then that person should be somewhere else and not in IT. Maybe as the park litter collector for example.............

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true words...

by scorch_sf_tech In reply to my method

what you say really make sense. where i word (as a workshop manager on in an IT repair company), my director always sits down on the desk, does nothing except ingratiate himself with the clients, and his favorite marketing policy is :
first, he publishes sky high prices at the beginning of each week, and when a client complains about these prices, he comes out charging and yelling at the techs screaming that they're incompetent, and those prices are 4 month old prices, and then delivers a sales pitch !!!!!!

It gets on your nerves sometimes.......specially if you're having a bad day. and for sure you can't complain, 'cos in that case it's the boot and the door....bah

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not the role to upset the customer

by j.lupo In reply to How can you ****-OFF a Cu ...

Customer care is about putting the customer first. It doesn't matter what their attitude is. You are there as a support service to help them. Let them vent, be arrogant, whatever. It doesn't matter. You will win them over by remaining professional, using good listening skills, and working with them to solve the issue.

I know this as a fact. I have had very difficult clients/customers in my career. In EVERY case, I won them over by remaining professional and providing 100% listening skills. It is a matter of building the customer relationship.

I once watched a short film as part of my training. I don't remember the name of it, but it was about dealing with difficult customers even when you are having a bad day. One scene really stuck with me. There was a customer rep at an airline counter. A passenger was having a very bad day and approached screaming and shouting. The rep had just hung up the phone to learn that her pet had been hit by a car.

Now the outcome, she put a smile on her face, put the customer first, and in the end she wont the customer over who asked if she was ok after appologizing for their behavior.

This is an extreme example, but it is real life. We are at work to do a job and that include making the customers feel like they are the most important person in the universe.

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Damn straight

by Oz_Media In reply to not the role to upset the ...

And thank you.

I used to train and monitor call center reps for the CRTC and would have booted someone out the door in a nanosecond (and that's quick I think)for plotting to outwit a client.

There's nothing better than killing a customer with kindness and having them actually apologize for thier behaviour, and it can be done so easily, it's a real ego boost for the agent. :)

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