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How do aliens reproduce?

By ITgirli ·
Odd, I know, but my cousin and I were having this discussion over the weekend. How exactly would you imagine that aliens (the kind from outspace, not the kind with the green card) reproduce? Usually they are describe as beings with big heads, but no distinct male/female parts. I put out the thought that perhaps they reproduced by budding. Maybe the buds then fall off the alien's head and then you have a little alien. There was also the suggestion that perhaps they stuck a finger in another alien's ear hole in order to achieve satisfaction, but then that still leaves open how the little alien comes about. Maybe it's all just cloning and thus over many millenia of cloning, their reproductive organs disappeared.
I look forward to reading any other ideas put out here.

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That's not reproduction.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Aliens

That's scientific research. How else are you going to find out how many rednecks are really closet homosexuals? Stick a probe up. If they smile and back up to it, they're gay. So far, the findings are 100% positive.

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I think it may be easier for them....

by ITgirli In reply to That's not reproduction.

If they imagine the probe in the hand of their sister.

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Y'all are gross

by M_a_r_k In reply to I think it may be easier ...

Are you talking about rednecks in general or just Arkansans?

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y'all? oh no, did we offend you?

by ITgirli In reply to Y'all are gross

Is your secret out? ha ha.
I was thinking the Arkansas and West Virginia breeds of rednecks, not you.

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Now I'm offended

by M_a_r_k In reply to y'all? oh no, did we offe ...

Did you call me a redneck? (I'm surprised anyone picked up on my intentional use of the word "y'all"). Just like y'all folks in the Virginias, if West Virginians are rednecks but you east Virginians aren't, I can emphatically say that my east Texas cousins have red necks but we north Texans don't.

From my lexicographically-inclined friend:

n. Offensive Slang
1. Used as a disparaging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States.
2. A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude

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by ITgirli In reply to Now I'm offended

And that's not you?

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Well, if you wanna know the truth...

by M_a_r_k In reply to Now I'm offended

A white person regarded as having a provincial, conservative, often bigoted attitude

I am white. Provincial? Well, I never have understood the salad fork thing. Conservative? Yup. Bigoted? Uh...I am occasionally intolerant of idiots who don't do exactly as I do or think exactly how I think. Uh-oh! Does this mean I'm a redneck? But gosh, girli, judging from this definition, unless you're not white, I think you're one of us too! High five! haha

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Redneck grammar lesson, y'all

by maxwell edison In reply to Now I'm offended

Y'all is singular.

All y'all is plural.

So you should have said ..... Just like all y'all folks in the Virginias...

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grammar lesson

by M_a_r_k In reply to Now I'm offended

Where you from, max? Not from the South? "y'all" is plural. It means "you all". "You" is singular, even for Southern folk. It means "you".

you-all (y?l) also y'all (y?l)
pron. Chiefly Southern U.S.
You. Used in addressing two or more people or referring to two or more people, one of whom is addressed.
Regional Note: The single most famous feature of Southern United States dialects is the pronoun y'all, sometimes heard in its variant you-all. You-all functions with perfect grammatical regularity as a second person plural pronoun, taking its own possessive you-all's (or less frequently, your-all's, where both parts of the word are inflected for possession): You-all's voices sound alike. Southerners do not, as is sometimes believed, use you-all or y'all for both singular and plural you. A single person may only be addressed as you-all if the speaker implies in the reference other persons not present: Did you-all [you and others] have dinner yet? You and you-all preserve the singular/plural distinction that English used to have in thou and ye, the subject forms of singular and plural you, respectively (thee and you were the singular and plural object forms). The distinction between singular thou/thee and plural ye/you began to blur as early as the 13th century, when the plural form was often used for the singular in formal contexts or to indicate politeness, much as the French use tu for singular and familiar ?you,? and vous for both plural and polite singular ?you.? In English, the object form you gradually came to be used in subject position as well, so that the four forms thou, thee, ye, and you collapsed into one form, you. Thou and thee were quite rare in educated speech in the 16th century, and they disappeared completely from standard English in the 18th. However, the distinction between singular and plural you is just as useful as that between other singular and plural pronoun forms, such as I and we. In addition to y'all, other forms for plural you include you-uns, youse, and you guys or youse guys. Youse is common in vernacular varieties in the Northeast, particularly in large cities such as New York and Boston, and is also common in Irish English. You-uns is found in western Pennsylvania and in the Appalachians and probably reflects the Scotch-Irish roots of many European settlers to these regions. You guys and youse guys appear to be newer innovations than the other dialectal forms of plural you.

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More grammar

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Now I'm offended

"Y'all" is also interchangable with "you'uns".

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