How do I backup user Outlook Profile....

By kphayes710 ·
I have outlook 2003. I need to be able to backup my Outlook Profile Settings. (i.e., Email accounts, Signatures...) I want a backup so when I move to my new PC I do not have to re-create the settings in Outlook. Is there an easy way to do this?

From what I have found online I can setup a new profile to use for multiple users by using the Custom Installation Wizard (CIW) in Microsoft Office Resource Kit.

Or I can copy settings by copying files in the Docs & Settings\User Account\App Data\Microsoft\Office\Outlook and the Registry settings and copy them back to the new PC but there must be an easier way.

In Outlook Express and pre-Outlook XP it was very easy. Did Microsoft get rid of this feature?

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How to Backup Office 2003 Settings

by SupaGeeky In reply to How do I backup user Outl ...

BackRex is one solution, but it has it's price:

But what's even more odd is this solution which is free:;en-us;826809&Product=out2003

Go figure that someone would charge for something that is already available.

Best of luck.

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by kphayes710 In reply to How to Backup Office 2003 ...

I had seen the BackRex but because it costs I didn't want to go that way when I am trying to do this for many clients of mine. Thanks for the KB Article for the Save my Settings. While this backups all Office settings and not just Outlook this will actually be better!

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Happens all the time :)

by symon.l In reply to How to Backup Office 2003 ...

I remember companys selling software to disable XP messenger services when it was being exploited to send all kinds of crap i think they were charging ?50 for something you can do your self in 10 secs :)

As much as i admire the people who did this i felt sorry for the people who didnt have the knowledge to do this themselves

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How to manage Outlook profiles...Try this....

How to manage Outlook profiles.

[this article applies to Windows only]

Should you need to create a new profile for access to an Exchange mailbox, follow this procedure. If you simply need to rename a profile to make room for an additional mailbox user on a computer, follow Steps 1 and 3 only.
1. Backup existing profile
Go to the Start Menu and open Control Panel, open the Mail control panel.
HINT: If you have Windows XP, you may see an all blue background with very large icons. In this case, open "User Accounts" to find the Mail Control Panel.
In the Mail Setup window, click on the "Show Profiles" button.
In the Mail window, you will see a list of existing profiles.
If you previously used the Outlook Profile Helper, it would have created a profile named "Intermedia Exchange". If this computer had other email accounts for other Exchange server, POP email, etc., you may have other profiles as well.
If the Intermedia Exchange profile is listed, highlight it in the listing and click "Copy".
In the "Copy Profile" window type a new name for this profile.
HINT: If you intend to use this profile for another user, append their first name or other suitable term to the Intermedia Exchange name, e.g. "Intermedia Exchange - Tom". If you want it as a backup, as instructed by an Intermedia Support person, you can append "old" or similar term.
2. Delete old profile
Having copied the previous profile to a new profile, you will now want to delete the 'original'.
Select the old profile in the listing and click "Remove".
3. (Re)Create new profile
Download a fresh version of Outlook Profile Helper.
The Outlook Profile Helper is available in HostPilot Control Panel > under Get Started > Step 2 > Download & Set Up Your Email Client > Run Outlook Profile Helper (Setup Wizard) as well as in MyMailboxManager on Get Started page. Look for the linked "Outlook Profile Helper" text and, when prompted, choose "Save".
After download, find the "OutlookPH" file on the Desktop and double-click to Run.
You may get a security warning, click Allow for it.

NOTE: If Outlook Profile Helper gives you any error messages, please open a case with Technical Support team via HostPilot Control Panel > Technical Support and attach or copy-paste the contents of the 'OutlookPH.txt' file that now appears on the Desktop to the email message.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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