How do I completely uninstall Snap Toolbar?

By DelennDax7 ·
A friend, who doesn't know anything about computers yet, has gotten infected with the Snap Toolbar. The only thing I can find so far about how to get it off is a "Remove Snap Toolbar" exe file published by - BUT I worry about telling her to download this as Web Of Trust has graded this site as RED. Has anybody else used this tool & is it safe, despite the site reputation? Thanks, Dax

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by benzart In reply to How do I completely unins ...

Much harder to remove that articles said. Had to boot up with a boot cd with a mini xp environment and search all drives for and Smartbar. There were several different instances of four different installers, browser helpers, URL references, and other files in three different user accounts. I deleted them all while booted up with the boot cd. Until I did this it kept recreating itself. None of the online guides to remove it worked and no Trusted Malware tool or Anti-virus caught it. And I wasn't about to even try one of those tools I never heard of before.

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by kafka001 In reply to How do I completely unins ...

I tried every solution I could find in many forums and nothing worked. Eventually I tried SpyHunter, which was the only software which could even find SnapDo. Whilst scanning and finding it was free, I had to register to remove it. The cost was $39.95 for a 6 month licence, but when I uninstalled it (rather than pay) I was offered the reduced rate of $10. I paid the money and successfully removed SnapDo. The licence is renewed each 6 months automatically, which bothers me as I now have to remember to cancel my subscription before SpyHunter automatically takes the $39.95 out of my account. nonetheless SpyHunter was the only software or method which worked for the removal of SnapDo.

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I totally agree with phodara.

by Republic00Kayla In reply to How do I completely unins ...

I totally agree with phodara. You should follow his guidance to remove it manually.

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Snap Toolbar Malware

by ImKramer In reply to How do I completely unins ...

Running Spybot this morning I discovered toolbar.snap on my system. Spybot could not delete the registry files in normal or safe mode so I set Spybot to do a scan on reboot before windows loaded. It took about half an hour to scan my HD but did remove the malware! :)
I did another Spybot scan after I had booted up and it seems to be gone for now (unless it is set to reactivate at a later date).
I hate fooling with the registry so was very relieved this method seems to have worked.
As always, Spybot rocks! It was recommended to me by Dell tech support a few years ago.

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by Dutcher1 In reply to Snap Toolbar Malware

As a complete techno fool how do I set Spybot to scan on reboot before windows loaded?

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by daker In reply to Snap Toolbar Malware

It depends on what version of Spybot you are using.If you are using Spybot 2 and it was unable to remove all the malware, it should automatically show a popup window, bottom left corner, asking if you would like a boot up scan.
Earlier versions let you configure it to do so. You can find how out at Spybot forums.
Here is a link:

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Oh yes ..Spybot ..

by ImKramer In reply to How do I completely unins ...

Is and always has been free!

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