How do I convert a .txt file which contains HTML code to an HTML document?

By bluenavy ·
I have a .txt file which contains HTML code. Can I convert this file to an HTML document? Thanks.

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No conversion required

by Spitfire_Sysop In reply to How do I convert a .txt f ...

An HTML file is text. You say that it "contains" html so just open it up and double check that it actually has the structure of an HTML document. There are rules. See here:;siu-container

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Thoroughly confused

by bluenavy In reply to How do I convert a .txt f ...

I sincerely appreciate the responses but I am so completely confused that I cannot think straight. My fault. I think I should have provided more facts.

My online bookmark storage place is going out of business. They sent me a file called export.html.txt . I opened the file. It contains, in html, my bookmarks. They said this file can be used to import the bookmarks into IE8. I went through the procedure to import the bookmarks into IE8 but it didn't work. Only a few category names (e.g., sports, weather, etc.) made it to the Favorites file in IE8 but no bookmarks carried over.

Again, any assistance here would be appreciated. Thanks.

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Reponse To Answer

by Mehul Bhai In reply to Thoroughly confused

Change the file name from export.html.txt to export.html by removing inly the .txt part of the file extension and retry the procedure.

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Back to the Old Manual Ways . .This will work.

1. Copy all the bookmarked URL into a notepad / excel / word editor.
2. Copy each URL link into the browser. The web page opens.
3. Add to faveriotes.
4. You could also save the page and drag it to the faveriotes folder, and restart the browser, The added bookmarks will appeare.

It seems strange but if it saves time and does the work, there is nothing wrong about doing it manually.

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Thanks but I have thousands of bookmarks

by bluenavy In reply to How do I convert a .txt f ...

Thanks but I have thousands of bookmarks.

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Reponse To Answer

You might be able to check while your bookmark service is still active if
they provide the capabilty to export your bookmarks to an HTML page
instead of text, or while you're there and viewing your bookmarks, use
your browser's "save page as" function, if it has one...probably under
"File" in Menu bar, then just save it as a local page on your harddrive,
name it bookmark.htm or some such.

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Reponse To Answer

Well In that case you have two options,

1. Copy the favorites folder from the windows drive , take a backup. Uninstall & Re install IE. Then inport the bookmarks

2. To handle voilmes, you may use a professional system based or web based bookmark managers. This will also hep you keep the data from being lost, Just in case.

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