How do i fix a Windows Vista Ultimate logon problem?

By jenkins1616 ·
I have a dell studio 1535 laptop with windows vista ultimate on it and when i start it it seems to load fine but when i type in my password it says either the user name or password is wrong, i know its not the user name because i am the only user. I have tried literally everything that i know how to do. Can someone help me?

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I can't believe no-one has said this yet!

by NexS In reply to How do i fix a Windows Vi ...

You can easily fix a Vista logon issue.


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For next time

by TobiF In reply to How do i fix a Windows Vi ...

When you, finally, find the password, why not create a "password reset" cd or usb-stick, to help you out next time? Put it in a safe place (but a place you still would remember, when needed...)

Edited: In addition, you may also create an extra local admin account on the computer.

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password reset

by nccastle In reply to For next time

Offline NT Registry Editor.

I have used it to remove passwords from computers before, it seemed to work fine.

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Eh. I'll buy that.

by seanferd In reply to password reset

There are already articles at TR about that.

But in general, the TR Community does not do password-breaking problems. so, be careful, or you may have a forum full of people yelling at you.

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I found an error code.

by jenkins1616 In reply to Eh. I'll buy that.

I ran a diagnostics again and it found an error code it was, error code 0146. What does this mean?

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Faulty HDD?

by TobiF In reply to I found an error code.

I had no idea, but searched via Google, and found the following sad news:
Error 0146 is a failed hard drive or bad drive sector, and 0148 is that the machine is no longer detecting the hard drive.

If you have access to a copy of Spinrite, I'd suggest you try to run that on the disk.

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I would guess the same,

by seanferd In reply to Faulty HDD?

not knowing what the diagnostic was. But it does sound like an OEM drive/system diagnostic.

I had a brand new HP laptop error out like that. (Actually, several Dells and HPs, not my own, over time.) Could be the drive, but probably the drive controller. If it is still under warranty, have the vendor look at it. Even if it isn't under warranty, it may be a defect the vendor would prefer to take care of. Maybe.

You can try fitting the drive into an external USB drive enclosure, or directly into a desktop, with the appropriate adapters for the small-form-factor laptop drives. If it works fine there, back up your data. If not, get a new drive for the laptop. I suppose that might be better than getting a new laptop for the drive...

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This is in the Owners Manual

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to I found an error code.
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Yell Yell Yell

by IC-IT In reply to password reset

We don't need no stinking reputation of telling folks how to hack the admin (or user) password.
Especially when most requests are from users with stolen laptops. :-(

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tell me

by jenkins1616 In reply to Yell Yell Yell

I will tell you right now that i didn't steal this laptop. i traded my dirt bike for it.

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