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How Do I Get In The Door?

By Pawel ·
Hi?.I'm a 24 year old 2nd year grad school student with about a semester worth of classes left before graduation. Credentials? MCSE (2000 track), CCNA, CWNA, Sec+, Net+, A+. Education wise, AS in Computer Network Administration, BS in IT, and a MS in Computer Info. Systems (well once the semester is over). I'm real thin when to comes to the "on the job experience" in the industry. Although I have several years worth of lab experience under my belt. After reading some of these postings and talking to a number of people that work in the filed it seems like things are looking pretty bleak out there for folks who are trying to get into the field. I have invested so much time and resources in my education and it just doesn't seem like its good enough to land a legit job. So what's my next move? Internship? Is that a credible way of building experience in the industry?

Thanks guys

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Is Help Desk and Tech Support really IT?

by georgep922 In reply to How Do I Get In The Door?

I am in a similar situation as the poster. I only have a BS in Comp Info Systems (grad may 2004). I couldnt even find an internship last year, and from what I hear most companies wont give you one after graduation. If I had gotten the MS and certs and was in this sitution I would be more suicidal. I am already depressed and humiliated as it is. At least every one including recruiters are fully aware of the job market, well bush isnt but thats another post.

So on my resume, I have some experience, but no hard IT experience. I am a very energetic person and love working with computers and people. Programming was never my strong point, I was always more better with fixing problems, research, troubleshooting.
Unfortunatly with my school, we didnt get almost any real world experience, in 2 classes Project Management and usability testing. Many times we would tell the teachers : "I havent learned anything, What am I going to do when I graduate, what is IT?" My family and friends have a hard time beleiving me when I say this.

I am willing to get into any part of the industry but I need to be trained. I have been through all of this and heard most of what has been posted.

So now to the subject of my post, I have found that the only likely field I will get in at this point is tech support and help desk positions. Pretty much supporting systems of a business helping customers on the phone etc.

Some of these postions say Associates required BS prefered, and some have said high school required, I am hoping by shooting low I can get in.

Now will the experience I get be significant enough to move higher. I like systems analysis and testing, and I really like project management.

I just got a call back for interview, I pray that I get it, I hope my interview is good, I already feel I have brainrot and the longer I am not in work or school. my last interviews I notice that I do really good at last min improvs, I did some good pointers in this thread about showing personality and ability to work with others. In my past interviews I was trying real hard to make it look like I really knew IT lingo. It always seemed that if I didnt know how to perform a certain task that is done at their business, that was a minus on me.

so I will just mention some of the names of positions I am pursuing right now: PC Technician, Technical SupportRep at Kodak, User Support Analyst, Help Desk (medical system, group of hospitals) Computer Field Engineer(realy techsupport/help desk)

I have called all temp agencies that are computer oriented, Every time I ask for Junior Level IT, I get a very polite "no" also a pointer to you, ask for JUNIOR level, not ENTRY! a recruiter told me they are the same thing, when I asked her for advice after she said the beautifull no.

Ironically I live in Baltimore County, MD We have MANY companies here like Kodak, UPS, BlackNDecker(global HQ) TRowe Price, Morgan Stanley, Johns Hopkins. And being within 50 miles of DC, N Virginia, and the rest of Maryland we have lots of military contrators like northrop grumman, Computer Science Corporation.

I know this is quite a ramble, but any comments would be greatly appreciated, and any tips for interviewing for help desk/tech support jobs would be lovely.

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In a similar boat

by ObiWayneKenobi In reply to Is Help Desk and Tech Sup ...

I have almost the same problem.. I have:

- A.S. degree in Network Administration
- A+ certification
- 1 year helping the IT staff at school maintain the network
- 6 mo. doing PC repair/web design for home users.

And I can't find a single damn thing. Everything either wants 5+ years experience, requires programming (which I can't really understand) or is some kind of friggin' call center (which, I'm sorry, but I don't consider to be a real IT position). It's very depressing, because I love technology and I enjoy troubleshooting/repairing computers.

How the **** are you supposed to get anywhere when most companies won't even give you a chance to prove yourself? Even the little two-bit computer shops around here aren't hiring, and most of the larger companies won't even contact me despite my meeting/exceeding their requirements. And don't even get me started on IT recruiters. Do I have to self-study and have an MCSE for them to even look at me? Unfortunatly it seems that's the current trend... It makes me regret spending $25,000 on a seemingly worthless degree.

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try government

by unomas In reply to How Do I Get In The Door?

There are still plenty of unfilled jobs out there. Try local city and county postings for any potential IT jobs. I still see them posted here and there. See who is doing a start up company and try hooking up with them. Try specializing in Oracle or some other major industry packag.

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The door is locked

by techrepublic In reply to How Do I Get In The Door?

My advice:

Stay out of the IT business.
The IT business is nothing but pain and misery.
You don't want that. Choose another career.
Become a musician or something.

(I'm just trying to eliminate the competition.)

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Deside what City you would like to work in and call me!

by rswanson In reply to How Do I Get In The Door?

Hello Pawel,

I am a CTO of a company in Charleston, SC. We are always looking for qualified reponsible young entergetic techs. The problem is many come to our interviews unprepaired for what we are seeing in the feild. We have an intership program here in Charleston I would be happy to discuss with you.

Email me at for more details.

Trust me you can work in any City it the world with the proper training and guidance. The only thing that separates you from anyone else is your willingness to work at it...lots of techs will sit in an interview and not present themselves correctly. Remember you are always selling yourself to your customers or your boss.

Good Luck,

Roger Swanson
Computer Network Enterprises, Inc. - CTO
Charleston, SC

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Just a thought if your $ situation is stable

by cbglenn In reply to How Do I Get In The Door?

If you do not need lost of dough to stay alive at the moment, I would suggest a voluntary stint working for a local school or college. I have a friend who was a CCIE, but he knew it was tough to get in. He volunteered at a school while making ends meet at another job and some small paying projects. This gave him verifiable experience in both government and private work in his field. He worked for years at HP making big time $$$ and now runs his own operation with at partner setting up large LAN and Campus networks for other State facilities because he was able to show his work.

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