How do I get rid AVG Secure Search Remove on all new tabs in my IE?

By JADavis9 ·
I have this darn thing showing up on all new tabs in my IE even though Facebook is set to be my home page when I first open IE and new tabs have always had that blank page thing until AVG trashed up my life.
My problem with all that I have read above is that I am on Windows XP and Internet Explorer 8 and I ONLY have Google Search in my computer and I have removed all others with that v link in the upper right on IE that says Manage Search Providers. Google is the only one listed and the box in the lower left is checked to Prevent programs from suggesting changes to my default search provider.
everything so far seems to address Google or Chrome or other stuff.
This stupid AVG Secure Search page pops up on me only on a new tab and it has a fallacious Settings link in the lower right that pops a screen that looks like if you just uncheck this pre-checked box saying Show AVG Secure Search Box on new tabs in the browser .... and then click OK it should go away. But, of course, it doesn't because AVG is a big farce.
What can I do to get rid of this AVG thing? I'm a newbie so please be a little specific and don't be afraid that it might offend me. Trust me .... you won't. Only this bogus AVG deal can do that!
It's probably some Add On but I don't have a clue about those and I could really use some quick help. I don't really need to learn all about Add Ons. I just would like to learn enuf to get rid of this one. Can someone jump in and give me a little quick help please?

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AVG Secure

by BataTamata In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

It has been awhile. After uninstalling AVG I went to the Registry and did a search for AVG. I found something called "Conduit" (or something similar). I like AVG so I reinstalled it. Then back to the Registry and deleted "Conduit". No problems since. It was driving me crazy! I still use AVG with no toolbar popups or surprises.

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AVG Secure Search How to REMOVE for real!

by Kuxansuum In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

Ok, I tried everything out there and nothing worked. This does, within Google Chrome...

(1) Go to the Wrench in the upper right corner.
(2) Go to Settings.
(3) In the On Startup section click on the little blue (set pages) and the end of the 3rd option.
(4) If AVG..... is listed there delete it by pressing the X.
(5) Close and restart Google Chrome.
(6) Enjoy the success.

I believe this should do the trick. Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I would uninstall everything associated with AVG from within the Control Panel as well as from within the Search (AVG) function. AVG Tech support will help you with this if you need further assistance I am quite sure and it's free. AVG's # is (855) 554-0131.

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Remove Secure Search

by jojojo6 In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

I have tried all the metods above. And failed. Now I will go into the register!
Have I succeded with many trojans I will suceed to get rid of this,
There were about 30 register pointing to AVG files. After I have uninstalled AVG and used AVG removal tools!?

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Reponse To Answer

by jojojo6 In reply to Remove Secure Search

I have fixed it. Reinstalled Secure search and used uninstall. And this time it worked.
At last. Puh!

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AVG Secure Search - Disable

by MenuBar2 In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

Amazing that they change this, don't ask you first, it's not readily apparent how to get back to what you're used to, and you have to spend time figuring it out.

To get rid of it:

Wrench / Settings / Extensions / [un-check] AVG Secure Search

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Removal of AVG new tab

by fabiog In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

I contact AVG, by chat 3 times and got nowhere, tried addons, about:config, Then I called them by telephone 45 minutes wasted, still got nowhere, finally i was sent an email after saying they lost me as a paying customer, the sure way to remove this problem is uninstall AVG, reboot, then reinstall, select custom install when prompted, click next slowly till you see 2 ticked boxes, 1 saying safe search and the other saying avg toolbar, un-tick both, and continue install. reboot, when computer is running again it will be gone from Internet explorer automatically, as for firefox, you have to uninstall that too and reboot, then reinstall in custom mode, selecting what you want, and reboot, That should be it as it worked for me. go to all updates and stop auto updates select ask me what to install on the computer. let me know if this worked for you. Pain in the *** big bro AVG for doing this.

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In Chrome

by colgansn In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

In chrome you must remove from "settings ->search-> manage search engines" as well as "settings->on start up-> set of pages"

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The same with Babylon Search

by trantran In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

I got the same problem, I tried all those, then I realized that I have to do this:
go to Tool-->Internet Option-->General--->Tabs--->Setting--->When a new tab is open-->Click on: Your first home page(google or whatever search provider you choose)-->click Ok.
so whenever I click on a new tab, it automatically show me the same page with my first page.
This works with me.

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Very easy to uninstall AVG Secure Search in any browser

by Best Deals UK In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

Hi there, I don't know why do you have so many problems with uninstalling AVG Secure Search. I found these instruction on AVG's site, they described step-by-step how to do it in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox. See here:
This worked for me.

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Google Chrome is not working anymore since AVG security is in my pc

by mireia333 In reply to How do I get rid AVG Secu ...

Yesterday AVG security asked me for something I did not read and accepted (I know, I should never do that, but thought it was one of those things that you have to updtae once in a while).
Since I did that I cannot open Google Chrome anymore....only works Explorer.
I already uninstall AVG security, but Chrome does not react..
Can someone help me?

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