How do I Install an AGP Graphics Card?

By AtlBo ·
Hi. I have an old Dell GX270 with Windows XP Professional. I bought it brand new about 5 months ago from a farmers' cooperative that never used the machine. I have purchased a GeoForce MX400 AGP card 64 MB for the computer, and I would like to get the card up and running. I installed the card and booted the machine but got a black screen. So I took the card out, went to the site to download the driver for the card for Windows XP, and downloaded and attempted to install it. I got a message that no compatable device could be found for the driver and the program closed. I am aware that the power supply on the Dell is only 210 Watts, and I have a number of USB devices connected to the machine, including a DVD R/W and a backup hard drive. I did turn off the CD ROM on the machine and the floppy, and I unplugged the USB devices and attempted another boot. The result was the same black screen for this boot. My question is this. Was the cause of the black screen when I installed the AGP card a shortage of power or is there some trick I need to know to get this card running on this variety of Dell?

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He still has the old card

by d1david In reply to The F2 Key is the one you ...

If he downloaded a driver ...
("since he said he removed the new card so he could download a driver for the new card") then he can also enter CMOS with the same way. One doesn't have to have the new card installed to change the CMOS.

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Thanks again d1david

by AtlBo In reply to He still has the old card

Is CMOS the same thing as system setup? I have PC Wizard 2009, and my AGP slot is showing up there, so I am pretty sure the slot is OK. However, in system setup, I could find nothing about AGP. Not sure what to do next, but the seller of the card has offered my another one, so I will give that a try to see if that is the problem...

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nVIDIA Driver

by AtlBo In reply to Thanks again d1david

Well, I guess the nVIDIA drivers for this part will not install until the part is located in the machine. Trying another part to see if the part is to blame. For the record, without the driver software, should the computer boot normally with video with the card in the AGP slot? If so, it would seem that the card is at least possibly the problem. It is a used card, so...

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RE: should the computer boot normally with video with the card in the AG

by OH Smeg In reply to nVIDIA Driver

Yes it should though it will be in VGA Mode and sort of look like a Safe Mode Display.

After you get Windows Booted you can then install the Driver. Generally with NVidia Drivers if the OS doesn't Auto Identify them you should run the Setup Exe not rely on the Upgrade Driver Option in Windows.

Though if there is no display at all from the word go after fitting the Video Card you need to look for a improperly fitted Card, Faulty Card or a Incompatible Card for that M'Board.


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