How do I remove all Google Software from my computer?

By nlwood ·
How do I remove all google software from my computer?
I have removed all visible software, add-ons and registry items I could find But I still get Google searches popping up with Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer when a web page is not found (or misspelled).

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are you using

by Sue T In reply to How do I remove all Googl ...

google as your search engine in your web browsers? If so, and you don't want google then you have to change your default search provider.

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You probably need to change your default search engine

In your Firefox and Internet Explorer preferences. Firefox usually comes with Google
as the default, and somewhere along the line something probably changed your IE
preferences. I'll say one thing for Google, they are persistently sneaky!

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To be precise

by robo_dev In reply to How do I remove all Googl ...

The search helper is not really software, it's just a preference that points the web browser to a certain online service. There is no software to uninstall.

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some ways to delete unwanted data

by databaseben In reply to How do I remove all Googl ...

first, you should see if the google toolbar and google update service can be uninstalled via add/remove programs.

next scan the registry hive and remove any keys with "google".

next, search your hard drive for anything with "google" and delete those files.

next, run "hijackthis" and remove any lines with "google"

next, you can look for browser add-in's and extensions for google and disable them

next you can run "autoruns" and search for anything "google" and delete them too.

finally, delete cookies and browsing history that may include "google"

lastly, if you want to avoid / block google, then add google url's to your hosts file.

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Reponse To Answer

by richard.artes In reply to some ways to delete unwan ...

don't do this. it's like removing any screws from your car that you don't know what they're for. some could be critical!

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Registry entries...

by md_hashim In reply to How do I remove all Googl ...

... what actually make Google the pain that it is! You need to regularly clean up your system registry and see the difference it makes...

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Change the default in Settings

by joshua0113 In reply to How do I remove all Googl ...

Try going into programs, if you have chrome then delete it. Or any google apps or plug-ins you should be able to delete them as well. If its the search engine that you are trying to change, (google search) just find another search engine, such as bing (example) and make it your default home page or search bar by going into the internet browser settings and making it your default.

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