How do I reset my BIOS password?

By shellysmithjones ·
I recieved a IBM Thinkpad T40 laptop in a house that was given to me in a will. Unfortunatly it has a password on the BIOS. I have no clue what it is even though I have asked all my family members. Is there anyway to figure this out or crack it? Thank you in advance for your help.

S Jones

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Crack the case

by jmgarvin In reply to How do I reset my BIOS pa ...

And pull off the battery. That's probably your best bet.

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I took off battery

by shellysmithjones In reply to Crack the case

No luck there. I also tried finding the battery on the BIOS but couldnt find that either.

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T40 Bios Password

by jbaker In reply to I took off battery

There are only two ways to get around this. One, is to have the motherboard replaced and two, you can download specific software that will read the bios password, but, you will also have to manufacture a piece of hardware that attaches to specific pins on the bios chip and connects to another functional PC. It can be a little difficult and I don`t recommend you do this unless you have a very good understanding of the hardware and electronics. But, it can be done. I`ve done this on many occasions and it worked every time. You can find the info at

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Shelly, I think he was telling you to pull the battery off the MB

by DanLM In reply to Crack the case

Not the lap top battery.


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No CMOS Battery

by TheChas In reply to Crack the case

Most laptops do NOT have a CMOS battery like a desktop system does.

The BIOS user settings are stored in Flash rather than CMOS RAM.

There are a number of cracks for laptop passwords posted around the net.

However, for nearly every laptop, the "best" way to reset a BIOS password is to take it to the factory service center and let them reset the password.


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password for bios

by sparkle_126 In reply to How do I reset my BIOS pa ...

have you tried calling Lenovo to see if they will provide you with the backdoor password? Since i figure that you probably know the original owner, you could say that you are the original owner and provide the orginal owners name and address. If this is not possible, you should look into doing an asset transfer like Dell provides. Even if you are not the original owner of a dell laptop, buy filling out their asset transfer form, you can then request to have the backdoor password. I'm sure that lenovo products would be the same.

There is also something else that i found that may be of some use to you.

Its free, and it does not hurt to try it. But i would really call lenovo first.

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CMOS battery

by computab In reply to password for bios

There is a CMOS battery in a Thinkpad, it is inside a small compartment on the underside. It is about a half inch diameter, silver, connected with 2 wires to the motherboard. you will need a pair of tweezers to remove the tiny plug, very gently. Note which way it comes off for replacement. 24 hours later, start it up, select default settings in the BIOS and save, then turn it off again and replace the battery the way you removed it. If you have never opened up a laptop before, get a techie to do it. Good luck!!

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by sparkle_126 In reply to How do I reset my BIOS pa ...

Try looking at this document to help you. BTW, removing the cmos battery will not solve your problem.

Check out this info too It was quite interesting....good luck

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Boot Order

by lt.shinta In reply to How do I reset my BIOS pa ...

There is some software which can fetch the BIOS password when the software is used to be booted off. Cant remeber where I saw it just do a google. Umm any way if your boot order does not have the HDD as the first device you could burn a discimage onto a CD/DVD, if that is booted off first and run that.

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Thank you!

by shellysmithjones In reply to Boot Order

TY all for your help I will try some of the things suggested!

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