How Do I View Login Password While Logged In?

By lenny_zuber ·
Dear TechRepublicans,
I forgot my Admin password in XP pro. I can though, login as an Admin using my 3 answers to the 3 questions I once provided. But I just can't find anywhere what my password is/was eventhough I'm logged in as an Admin. In order to change the password I need to know the old one. Can you help me please?

Thank you, Lenny

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You can not view it

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to How Do I View Login Passw ...

Passwords are not viewable. All you see is dots/asterisks in the field. But you can change it once logged in.

While logged in, press ctrl+alt+del. From the window that pops up, select change password.

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Didn't work

by lenny_zuber In reply to You can not view it

I just tried your suggestion but it didn't work. It askes me my old password in order to change, and I just don't know it. I'm sorry for my incompetence.

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You're right, Lenny.

by Tig2 In reply to Didn't work

And there is no way around that. Even changing your password at the Control Panel-> Users will require your password. Although it MAY let you go the three questions route.

You may be looking at a rebuild. Wish there was better news.

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If you are logged in to the machine

by faradhi In reply to Didn't work

as administrator, then you could create a user with administrator rights. Log into the machine with the user you just created. Then change the administrator password from the users mmc. This of course assumes that you actually got logged into the machine as an administrator.

Also know that you will lose access to any files encrypted under the administrator account.

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Yep, that's it!

by lenny_zuber In reply to If you are logged in to t ...

That's exactly what I did. I created a new Administrator, gave him a new password, and deleted the old one. Sure, I lost the specific data related to that administrator, but that's no problem.

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You could have just reset the password

by faradhi In reply to Yep, that's it!

of the old administrator from the new administrator and not lost any non-encrypted data.

Just an FYI if you ever need to retain the data.

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Try this...

by scott_heath In reply to You can not view it

Open a command prompt and type:

net user <username> <password>


net user Administrator Passw0rd

If you are logged on with administrative priviledges this will work.

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Don't quite understand....

by lenny_zuber In reply to Try this...

wouldn't I need the password then???

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by scott_heath In reply to Don't quite understand... ...

That would change the password to whatever you like. Then you know what it is. :)

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