How do we go from Vista to XP?

By samscats ·
We have an iMac and recently purchased an HP Pavilion. We were XP people and seem to to have found lots of the bad things Vista is becoming famous for. Since Vista came already installed and without disks, we don't know how to go about getting rid of it and installing XP. Any ideas?

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You can't

by LarryD4 In reply to How do we go from Vista t ...

If your purchased an HP box with Vista on it then your stuck with that license on that box.

You could purchase a new XP license or you could call HP and ask for a XP install because you don't like Vista, they may send it to you.

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You Can, But...

by jbaviera In reply to You can't

I too have an HP(DV9000) that came pre-bloated with Vista. I also have a DV6000 that is four months older that came with XP-MCE. HP told me that they can't give me an XP recovery DVD set because they didn't have drivers for it. After researching the hardware on both machines, I found that BOTH have the SAME hardware. I did have to purchase an XP Pro license, but the DV9000 flies...

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by ---TK--- In reply to How do we go from Vista t ...

is just as fast as XP and just as stable... If you want to tweak it some check this blog, and it will speed it up a little.

but if you really want XP on the box link:
**I would make sure you can find all the drivers for your machine before you install... It can be a real nightmare if you don't have them.

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Ah-- we own XP

by samscats In reply to vista....

though in (legal) download form.

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what file format is it in?

by ---TK--- In reply to Ah-- we own XP

is it a .ISO? or something else?

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Format of XP

by samscats In reply to what file format is it in ...

We can (legally!) download either the full program or an ISO. I believe the program download is preferable.

Merry Christmas to all -- and enjoy my birthday (no kidding; this really is my birthday).

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New PC? Check you have XP recovery disk

by nhorley In reply to vista....


I have done some recent installs of new workstations for clients, where XP was needed. However, most new machines come with Vista pre-installed. Most vendors (Acer in this case), supplied a recovery CD with XP licence on it.
Simple matter of running their recovery component and follow the prompts - voila! XP on new box with all appropriate drivers.
Neil Horley

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I have a hp pavilion notebook and installed XP/2

by sykandtyed In reply to vista....

But hp has propriety hardware and finding drivers for the sound, video and wifi was like pulling teeth, very painful.
It took over 2 hours just to pin down the exact model and hp still post a little box that says "Not our item". Yet the schematics are correct.

I finnally used the backup cds I created and went back to Vista and it's annoying "Permission to continue" nag screen and having to change individual security permission.

Just get use to it . It's just as fast if you dump all that crapware and startups.

Good luck and Happy Holidays.


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Hi, fellow HP pavilion notebook owner...

by samscats In reply to I have a hp pavilion note ...

What exactly is the crapware and startups? Remember, we have been Mac'd for quite some time so I am not used to this stuff!

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RE: What exactly is the crapware and startups?

by OH Smeg In reply to Hi, fellow HP pavilion no ...

It's all the junk that HP supplies with the system that is unnecessary. Many items that are supplied with these units are just a waste of Disc Space & Clock Cycles you should remove everything that you are not using.

You should also create a Recovery Set as per the Destructions supplied by HP so you have at the very least a Recovery Set available when something goes wrong. Just remember if the HDD fails the Recovery Partition disappears when you replace the Old HDD. :)


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