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How do you define "productivity"?

By Mean_Machine ·
My boss wants me to write a daily journal so he can see what I'm working on throughout the day. Out of eleven people in my department, I am the only one being required to do this.

He says I'm not producing, but I can view reports in our work order tracking software that says I've got the second most closed calls and the highest "billable" hours.

Is there a conspiracy to drive me mad? Is he trying to make me quit? Should I get HR involved on the grounds of harassment?

Help me.

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by agmiller05 In reply to Go to HR

Contrary to popular opinion, HR is there for the benefit of the company (i.e. management) not the employee.

There is no harm in providing/keeping documentation. As an IT professional you should be doing this anyway.

There seems to be something else going on (good or bad I'm not sure), but the only way to begin to receive clarity is to have ongoing conversations with your manager.


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HR used to be Personnel Dept

by Rob C In reply to Go To HR as a LAST RESORT


This is coming from a 'whistle blower' who had to watch his back for 3 years, before they called a truce(aka retirement payout).

In Australia, in the early 90's, they started changing the names of Personnel Depts to 'Human Resources'.

Around about the same time, companies were building security fences, and installing guards, and entrance cards.

I later realised that they were not protecting against terrorists, they were anticipating the upcoming layoffs, and were ensuring that disgruntled staff, could be controlled. (Frog marched out at dismissal time, and no way to get back in, to sabotage, or whatever).

Back in the 'Personnel Dept' days, the staff in that departement would look out for eployyees.

When we became a 'resource' that changed forever.

Rob Crombie

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Arrange a meeting

by hblanthorn In reply to How do you define "produc ...

Arrange a meeting with the Manager, and carefully document, in less than 3 or 4 minutes the measurable productivity indicies you use to support your claim. Request a follow-up note regarding his/her understanding of this information. Make certain your resume is up to date.
Normally, you wouldn't bring HR into the picture until there were concrete unfair practices being used against you - and 'low productivity' COULD be an error. Then again, it could be the beginning of the process to replace you. What you do next depends upon how much you think you NEED THIS PARTICULAR JOB. Consider another spot elsewhere, and your efforts might be better appreciated. Remember this, HR MUST take the side of their Manager first, unless he/she is clearly violating a law or procedure - and once you have involved them, you might be guaranteeing your eventual exit, since you could be percieved as one who does not work and play well with others. It's equivalent to going to court. The person with the best, most complete documentation usually wins. A journal is a two edged sword, that also takes time. Let your supervisor require keeping it.. IN WRITING. Respond with a note "How much time is acceptable to devote to this additional task, as this task will take PRODUCTIVE TIME from my day".
Save your documentation.
Good Luck.
By the way, it's better to go into the meeting with this manager AFTER another Company has made you a job offer!


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Too Many Jobs and Not Enough A_ _'es

by donaldcoe In reply to Arrange a meeting

This almost mirrors my last JOB. I was the designated worker BE THERE AND EVERWHERE - 24/7 on-call. Documenting a journal was requested by a New BOSS, which at first glance looked like harrassment and a lot of added STRESS. Trust me, I would get so enraged over the issue of a Over-the-shoulder Micro-Manager watching my every move.

One I got a tip from a unlikely source, that some inquiries were made to give me JOB Appreciation Award and a possible PROMOTION but no one knew exactly what my job entailed.

I learned how to play DUMB and give them what they wanted. I documented trips to toilet, the time walking from my car to the office door --you can get jist of this approach. My SUGGESTION is JUST GET CREATIVE and make FUN at toilet papering someone's yard (the Boss' Desk) To my result: I found that I was UNDERPAID for the services being rendered. If plan to go to HR take THESE documents with you. Hostility DOES NOT WORK !

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Why is this sent to us on 12-13-04 from 8-10-2004?

by TG2 In reply to How do you define "produc ...

Mean_Machine, this is not negative for you, but for Techrepublic ... the date on this is 8/10/2004, for all we'd know by now M_M has been fired or taken control of the place, or who knows what! ** Its one thing, TechRepublic, to bring us back to this issue to find out how it went, its something all together to send it out to people as if MM is in this right now, and needs quality feedback now before something serious happens.

Mean Machine.. I hope you could look back at this and let us know what happened, especially from the excellent advice TomSal gave. Did a meeting between you and the boss happen? Did you take the current documentation to him and ask why you were being singled out?

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I agree

by stress junkie In reply to Why is this sent to us on ...

I have given a considerable amount of thought to the fact that much advice provided to such issues is virtually inaccessible in the TR forums. This is due to the fact that these discussions are not organized into some sort of topic listing. I believe that if TR could create some sort of concordance and/or if the discussions could be organized by actual topic and accessible via a heirarchical tree such as one finds on the Yahoo! site then old topics and their discussions would be available to anyone interested in a given topic. This would be good both for the people with inquiries and for the people who want to contribute their ideas. Old discussions would be as accessible as new ones. I don't know how Yahoo! implements their tree. If it were done manually then the man hours involved would be huge. I have to believe that they have managed to automate most of the process of entering new items into the appropriate area of the topic tree. Anyway, if TR could implement this then there should be fewer duplicate questions and people could contribute to an old discussion with the idea that it had as much chance of being seen as a contribution to a new discussion.

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Yes its late

by FRSAL In reply to Why is this sent to us on ...

The more I read the more I thought I have seen this before. I think your rignt

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Yeah, what's up with the old post become new?

by kkeeton In reply to Why is this sent to us on ...

Why are we getting this old post?
I would have much rather seen this back in August, when my reply would have meant something.

By the way, MM, how'd it all come out?

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by dbabh In reply to Why is this sent to us on ...

Still, interesting how many responses this has from the past couple of days isn't it?

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Re: responses

by vltiii In reply to

It is interesting to see how many people respond. I think even though it's an old topic most of us still have opinions and in the process there is still an exchange of ideas.

On that note, I'm really curious why some enter a title to their replies then start their reply with the title. It's somewhat like reading double. This is not a criticism (well maybe it is in a back handed way), but I'm really curious since the title becomes the first sentence in the reply which means we read the first line twice when it's all done.

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