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How do you define "productivity"?

By Mean_Machine ·
My boss wants me to write a daily journal so he can see what I'm working on throughout the day. Out of eleven people in my department, I am the only one being required to do this.

He says I'm not producing, but I can view reports in our work order tracking software that says I've got the second most closed calls and the highest "billable" hours.

Is there a conspiracy to drive me mad? Is he trying to make me quit? Should I get HR involved on the grounds of harassment?

Help me.

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Re: repost

by vltiii In reply to Why is this sent to us on ...

I've found that TechRepublic does this with many of the threads we follow. I once assumed that when I received a new thread that it was a 'new' thread only to find after I started responding to some of the post that they were several months old. Some are entertaining and informative regardless of the age, but in this case, you're right we don't know the outcome. I do recall seeing a post from M&M dated 12/13 so I'm assuming that this particular issue hasn't been resolved which is odd considering the amount of time that has elapsed.

On the other hand I wonder how many of these threads are started by TechRepublic just to keep things lively or whatever. I've noticed on many of the threads that I choose to follow there is the original post and everything after that is input or debate from responders.

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No respect means no advancement type up your Resum? now

by IceHappy In reply to How do you define "produc ...

Hello Mean Machine

Sorry to hear your misfortunes. I trust you are correct in your value. I would at most give this chap 4 weeks to see the light otherwise you are a dead duck if you stay. He is going to be promoted on your sweat. After 4 weeks following and doing the best you can using the guide lines above ie one to one with the manager in question and if you still feel the same way after that time - YOU HAVE TRIED. There are many companies looking for people like you. Good luck to you.

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you could be your own wost enemy

by ArthurP In reply to How do you define "produc ...

Have you ever thought that he could be looking at cosst-effectiveness ?

It might not be the fact that he's out to get you, but looking at how you manage your time; and will be in a position to offer assistance once he has the information. Personally if you were in my team I would be asking the same questions - afterall as you say you are closing the second highest number of calls, but billing the highest number of hours.

What is the person who closes the highest number of calls billing ?

Okay, maybe they are cherry-picking, (taking the easiest calls), but if you reflect your productivity against "cost-effectiveness", it might just be that the person closing the fourth highest is more cost effective than you are.

The rumour mill is a fantastic motivation tool; especially when RIF is mentioned.

Speak to the boss and find out why he wants you to provide this documentation; and stick a swear jar on the desk .. at the end of the week see which is the richer - your bank account or the jar !

If, and only once you have spoken with the boss, you are not happy then speak to a representative within HR. Request, (be nice), for a meeting with the boss explaining that HR will be pressent to document the meeting, and that this is for the benefit of both parties and ensures that any information offered in the electronic, or printed formats, and verbally is recorded thereby providing a point of reference should problems arise. You might be supprised, and the issue will be closed; but you will have raised the point upon communication between colleagues - definetly an under-rated ability.

Take this thought away with you .......
It's not the call closure rate that matters, but the cost effectiveness - and you're chewing into my profits. If this is the case then I would be looking at how to improve this, by asking you to track your workload, and time-management to see whether it could be improved - afterall who wants to lose a good engineer

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by sarahbeth In reply to you could be your own wos ...

At one time, my boss was on my case about productivity. I personally felt I was one of the most productive people, and resented hearing others on long and detailed personal conversations while I was struggling just to finish.

I kept a timeline for a couple of months. Not just a journal, a timeline that from 10:15 I did A, was interrupted by L for B, from 10:30-10:45 I did A.......


1. I could see where I was being ineffective and bouncing around. I grouped some tasks together, and procrastinated them to do all at once, instead of hitting them as they came up.

2. My boss saw where all my time went, and decided to get off my case.

3. My boss put me off limits during the audit time -- no one was allowed to interrupt me until I finished.

4. She got onto some other folks about their tasks they kept pushing off to me.

5. Worst offender on both -- the supervisor. And the boss. I kept the timeline going for 2 months or so after the 2 weeks she asked for. Anytime she came over and asked why ________ wasn't done -- I showed it to her. She looked at all the entries of "__________ for Linda." "_______ for Carol." and left without much comment.

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Driving you out?

by tjclairmont In reply to How do you define "produc ...

I've been through a situation where the manager needs to dig for stuff and build a case to justify getting rid of you. It doesn't matter if you produce or people like you. If they want to get rid of you they have to have something on paper from a few different angles. So do what he wants and use it to your advantage. Document everything, and prove that you're better than what the general records show. And let him know that you are keeping the data secure for your records.

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One foot out the door.

by cecyoung In reply to How do you define "produc ...

This is a classic example of an employer wanting to get rid of an employee. The fact others are not required to make the same reporting suggest you are being monitored to build a case when your dismissal is finally effected. Watch your back. Keep detailed logs, and copied of work orders/trouble reports, of all your activities while on company time. Keep HR out of it; in a crunch management will always stick together. I have been there, and it almost drove me insame.



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But what is the point?

by thatboy In reply to One foot out the door.

If management wants to fire you, how is this going to prevent the eventual outcome?

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Give it a shot

by specialoffers In reply to How do you define "produc ...

I had two lengthy consult positions for large companies. I also kept daily journals in 15 minute increments. My hourly rate was significant and keeping the journal helped my customers see what they could pass along to their customer or had to eat themselves. I found it very helpful in prepairing my timesheets. No one else in the group kept a journal.

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Same old, same old

by MagicTom In reply to How do you define "produc ...

I have been in the field of IT for more than 40 years, and in all that time I had to supply a time sheet at the end of each week that specified all activities I had for that week. Even when I was an independent consultant, the bill I sent once in a while had to describe in details the work that was performed.

Needless to say, if your trade is not IT, outside of the field, nobody knows what you do during a normal day.


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Embellish, embellish, embellish

by JohnnySacks In reply to Same old, same old

Tune up your BS machine immediately. Everything you do needs to be made to look better that it really is down to the least important drudgery. A practiced survivor knows how to look busy when in reality they aren't doing squat! Even put a spin on it to indicate you're pulling the weight of the ones who don't have to document everything. If you're being singled out, get out. A RIF never gets rid of the most obvious candidates.

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