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How do you know when its time to leave?

By Presidio ·
Is it time for a change?
Just a job change or a career change?

I?ve been programming for over 10 years (several different companies). There was a time when I loved it, now I dread coming to work. For about 6 months now I leave work each day with my jaw clenched; shoulder/neck muscles tight; stomach in a knot and spend my entire drive home trying to relax.

Sometimes I think that it is this particular work environment. My supervisor has changed, company location has changed, and there is major staff turnover. There is also no chance to keep up with new technology. However I live in a small community with very limited new opportunities.

Sometimes I think I need a complete new direction. I still have moments where I really get into the code and enjoy developing, but I wonder if both the IT industry and I have changed too much.

I?ve had personal life changes too and would actually rather work part time. Working more then 8 hours in a day feels like such punishment.

Getting a paycheck is 95% of the reason I show up for work every day. I get paid well but would rather earn less and enjoy my job.

So where does one go from here?

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Try Government work /w small IT staff

by ShortArmOfJustice In reply to How do you know when its ...

In same boat... tired of mainframe COBOL, so went to mini's & RPG, the staff made unfavorable changes, so tried consulting, didn't like "true" computing, so went to county government with small IT staff, allowed me to expand into PC's & Networking... now Security & Internet... Pay hit is about 20-30 %, but good working environment, more laid back, more flexible time schedules/benefits... I'm one happy camper.

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Take your Time & Step

by dolatunji In reply to How do you know when its ...

I feel your pain and i have been working only a year! So a change is definately needed but step easy. Ensure you know what you are going to and plan your strategy. The greatest mishap that could happen is for you to start wishing you were back at the job you hated just because things are a bit rough. Keep your Head straight!

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ZaZen Zen - more info please

by Presidio In reply to How do you know when its ...

Can you supply any websites with more info?

FYI - in an effort to relax I do get a massage once a month and listen to calming, New Age, music at work when I can. I also practice breathing methods and simple meditation.

For a while I was taking a regular 15 minute afternoon break outside. I was the only one in the dept. to do something like this. My manager inferred that I was away from my desk too long.

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Health Insurance

by Presidio In reply to How do you know when its ...

I haven't read all the posts yet, but thanks to everyone who has submitted.

Self employed is an attractive consideration. How does one get *affordable* health insurance if self employed? I know there are many other issues to seriously review before taking the leap - the insurance is a very important one for my family.

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Be Satisfied, Not Pacified!

by EmmaNemms In reply to How do you know when its ...

We tend to look at our jobs as the focal point of our lives instead of possibly the means by which we live our lives. Possibly you could change your focus from your job to either your family/relationship (or starting one) or an outside hobby or interest. It's like the importance we put on food--if it could just be used for its intended purpose--nourishment--then we'd probably not be such a fat nation. Good luck!

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Time to leave? Maybe!

by gothicscott In reply to How do you know when its ...


Find something that will make you happy. It's a bit trite but it's true. I experienced that agony myself. Often, one pay's a big price for big salaries. You know what I have now with my lower paying "techie" job?

TIME, BETTER SLEEP and better ATTITUDE about things in general.

Good Luck,


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by OldDogNoNewTrix In reply to Time to leave? Maybe!

Already posted here, but just wanted to agree with the previous posts regarding being "happy" with what you do!

Granted most of us are not doing a job we "love", but many of us can at least say we do enjoy it for the most part.

To repeat what I'd posted earlier, I had gotten way too comfy in my previous position, allowing my brains & skills to turn to much, and then losing all my confidence in any of my abilities as a result. Then this opportunity came along. Admittedly I was not actively looking for work at the time (I was too chicken still), and this job came up through a friend. Due to union legalities though, I still had to get through the required interview and compete against many other candidates, a few of which were from the "inside" and would have 1st dibs if they were qualified enough.

Now after being here for 15months or so, I have learned a couple of things: I have a lot more skills than I gave myself credit for, most important being the ability to learn new things when I thought I was too old and too technically-mushy to do so! And to again reiterate: I am a lot less stressed, and usually actually do enjoy what I do most days -- and for less money than I was previously making. It does affect everything else in life too, as I am much more able to deal with life's joker cards, because I'm not so dang stressed aobut the job!!!
Good Luck!

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Booze may be the only answer...

by qhcomputingny In reply to How do you know when its ...


Bring a flask of your favorite thirst quencher into work, and take a couple swigs throughout the day. It will be much less stressful on you, and you may actually enjoy going to work!

But that's just my opinion.

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You can always get money but can't get the years back

by francispaul In reply to How do you know when its ...

I was in the same situation as you except that I was doing desktop servicing. Was a time when my workplace was good to be at but like you the people and the corprate climate changed for the worst. I had the "knot in the guts" before work evey day too. Decided that one can always make money but no matter how much you are earning, you can never get the years back you spent in a job that drives you nuts. I took a risk and went out on my own. It's not easy finacially and I have to put in a lot of hours, but I'm much more motivated and enjoy my work, which is much the same as I was doing when working for a corporate. The advantage I have though is that I live is a city so a so there is more opportunity.
Francis P.

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I do agree about the years ...

by Presidio In reply to You can always get money ...

and can make money somehow.

PLEASE tell me if you have insurance - esp health insurance.

I am thinking more and more about going on my own.

Hope all is going well for you.

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