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How do you know when its time to leave?

By Presidio ·
Is it time for a change?
Just a job change or a career change?

I?ve been programming for over 10 years (several different companies). There was a time when I loved it, now I dread coming to work. For about 6 months now I leave work each day with my jaw clenched; shoulder/neck muscles tight; stomach in a knot and spend my entire drive home trying to relax.

Sometimes I think that it is this particular work environment. My supervisor has changed, company location has changed, and there is major staff turnover. There is also no chance to keep up with new technology. However I live in a small community with very limited new opportunities.

Sometimes I think I need a complete new direction. I still have moments where I really get into the code and enjoy developing, but I wonder if both the IT industry and I have changed too much.

I?ve had personal life changes too and would actually rather work part time. Working more then 8 hours in a day feels like such punishment.

Getting a paycheck is 95% of the reason I show up for work every day. I get paid well but would rather earn less and enjoy my job.

So where does one go from here?

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don't fear change

by meiji29 In reply to How do you know when its ...

Leave the job if you frequently catch yourself daydreaming about another job or activity and not the one you have or currently in.

I've been in the IT industry working as a network administrator for six long years. After a year long bout with boredom and stress, I decided to leave. I felt trapped in a box. Five months of being unemployed made me realize what the real problem was - it wasn't the job that bored me, it was responsibility and the level of confidence that discouraged me. Now, I'm employed in a new company doing the same job, however, the trust and confidence I'm enjoying now is very different from that of my former company.

This might not help you but I hope I was able to lighten the load a bit. Goodluck!

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IT Industry

by atuljindal In reply to How do you know when its ...

Dear all,
I think it is the case of getting burnout early as in IT industry you sit at one Place and do similar type of jobs.In marketing you have the freedom to move around and getting a chance to meet new and new people with each having different tastes,temramentsand egos.You learn a lot from them.

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Time to leave

by vze377hk In reply to How do you know when its ...

It's time to leave when you work for a family business (125 employees) and you are not family. When times are tough you are at the bottom of the list. When the board of directors gather you and tell you what you have to give up but make no mention of their sacrifices. Hours are cut, wages are frozen(3 years), overtime cancelled, 401 stopped, benefits slashed and attrition is welcomed. High skill levels and inventive ideas leading to significant advances in productivity go unanswered or recognized. Sound familiar???, I left with no regrets. Did I do right???


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Time To Leave

by SteveC@Florida In reply to How do you know when its ...

I have been at the same job programming for approximately 6 years and I have reached that point on a couple of occasions. I have even seen other programmers leave for the greener grass and more money only to find themselves even more unhappy with their position.

I find that by working at my hobby on my days off and attending IT classes at a local community college I have improved my outlook on life greatly. I have even started planning to take classes in other disciplines as well to enhance my marketability should I decide to leave.

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Time for change...

by kensmi In reply to How do you know when its ...

I have been in the IT industry since 1981 and have been in this position many times. I can recall twice in my career that I came very close to leaving the IT industry behind completely. Serendipity kicked in just in time, and I am still here. I do know how you feel, and I think it is important to weigh your options, your obligations and your needs carefully. If you have family then you have to take their thoughts into account. If you are unhappy where you are then that can have an effect on your mood and even your health. Also, staying in a position that you don't like can damage your professional reputation. Your employer may not be forthcoming with a positive reference if you are disgruntled and moody. It may be best not to wait too long to make a move. I have always found transition to be a little scary at times, but I have always had a great feeling of weight being lifted from my shoulders when I have left a position that was dragging me down. That, and a positive outlook, can get you through the tough times until a new position comes your way. Cheers, and good luck.

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Great thinking

by vze377hk In reply to Time for change...

How slow we are to realize. Should be our first thought.

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by bill.beckett In reply to How do you know when its ...

Your 5% ahead of me. A paycheck is 100% of the reason I come to work. Is it time for me to leave?

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I here ya!

by tlcst In reply to How do you know when its ...

I totally got what you say. I was in the same boat about 7 years back.

I was in the military and doing desktop support and although it was supposed to be glamourous it had lost its shine.

All my bosses were idiots that played golf better than I or lived closer to the boss and had BBQ's with him.

I moved to Ottawa with the hope that a change would do me good and it did for about 6 months and then back to the same rut.

I am telling you this basically to tell you that moving to another job or town is not the answer although it may help for a while it won't fix it.

there is a book that was researched for about 30 years into just exactly why things like this happen and how to stop them from happening and how to re-kindle the interest you had when you first started.

With all honesty it helped me and now i am the supervisor of my area and i am happy with the job i do. I come to work with a smile instead of having trouble waking up. I too was at the point of i would make less money to get a job that would fulfill what i was missing but now i make more and really like what i do.

The book is Dianetics, which means through thought or thru the mind (derived from latin) and after reading things started to change for the better.

I hope you can benifit from this also.

Your friend
Ottawa, Canada

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by cchinukwue In reply to I here ya!


Sounds like this will be a good read. What's the name of the author?

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by tlcst In reply to DianEtics

The authors name is L. Ron Hubbard and it can be found in any Chapters or Indigo book store.

Let me know how you like it...

and if you have any questions i amy be able to help... I have read the book 3 times.


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