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How do you manage software licenses?

By jdclyde ·
What do you guys do to manage software licenses?

Is there documentation you give your employees explaining the company policy?

We're doing a software audit for the site right now and I need to put something together to "educate" the staff on why we're doing this and the ramifications of this not being done.

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So can you share it?

by tesvencorp In reply to Access works for us

Can you share the file? A thing of beauty is a joy forever; share the joy.

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You bet

by bbarnes In reply to So can you share it?

I emptied out the data. Populate the tables. Hardware and Software are a many to one relationship. ComputerID is the key field.

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Access DB

by chrisnav1 In reply to You bet


We are looking into possibly something like this and your DB gave us some great ideas.

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by tesvencorp In reply to You bet

Thanks. I'll let you know how it works for us (once I get it open; couldn't open it from home, so I emailed to my work).

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Access 2003

by bbarnes In reply to Thanks

I should have mentioned that the file was created in Access 2003. It was our second iteration of an IT database, so it's better than our first attempt.

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Thank you

by name holdout In reply to Access works for us

This is better than the one we use, considering ours was put together for a BSA audit. BSA tried to charge the company I worked for for each install of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Access until I informed the lawyers that we installed Office from a suite instead of individually so this saved quite a few bucks.

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Sorry JD, Didn't know till Now AUG 16th

by Aaron A Baker In reply to How do you manage softwar ...

I'm sorry about that,i've been laid up for a couple of weeks and didn't know about your post.
I'll come back, promise.
Regards and apologies

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