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How do you relax off hours (without booze)

By silvioandpauly ·
Reduced staff, long hours, stupid users, Sarbanes, patches, upgrades, and more stupid users.

How do you IT folks cope or destress? I'm afraid I'm becoming an alcoholic.....

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You must not know

by IT_Lobo In reply to Your Clan I hope is diffe ...

I live in the USA served 7 years in the USA Army.

The "Clan" we are talking about is a group of people who get together to play games and talk smack over the internet.

Mine happens to be a group of veterans and active duty military from all over the world (mostly the US)

Please do not compare us to the KKK, we have NOTHING in common and take offense to it.

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I did not know

by Montgomery Gator In reply to You must not know

I apologize if I have offended. I know nothing of this Clan you talk of, and thanks for your enlightenment.

And thank you for your service to the USA in the Army.

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by IT_Lobo In reply to I did not know

No harm done.

If you want to check out our website to get a little insight I will post the link again

We have about 10 members over in Iraq right now and atleat 1 Vietnam Vet.

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~LoL~ Clan is not Klan :>

by admin In reply to Your Clan I hope is diffe ...

Yes it is different than the KKK!

Several races, countries, languages and both genders are represented currently. :)

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I think some tai chi chuan would help

by Gast?n Nusimovich In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

Try tai chi chuan!.

I think it could help you to relax both on the physical front and mental front.

You can do it anywhere, even at your office.

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Funny you should ask?

by tp205 In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

I was like you worried all the time about getting things done at work, you know what? It will be there in the morning. What was worse was coming home until lately where I would talk about IT until bed time...being that the wife was also in, really I tried everything to stop her talking about but that didn't help. Well to cut to the chase...She left I stay, I am back to being a single dad and now I remember what is really important. There is nothing more important then a walk with your daughter and your dog! I only have a few years left of having her so I am glad things worked this way. So many times we look at things as being have to look at your values every once in a while and really see, that a job is a job and you can always get another,
but your life is what you have at the end of the day. I was always one of those guys that never had a picture on my desk, now I can barely find it. Best thing I can tell you is ....Get a life, outside of work, there are so many things that I have tried lately, once I started to smell the roses...sorry didn't mean to carry on like that.

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A number of outside interests

by A_dangerous_mind In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

Good literature, classical and jazz music (listening and playing on 2 trombones), singing and playing keyboard, writing, physical exercise. Not everyone will have a wide variety of outside interests, but I think that it's good to develop interests and friends outside of IT. Sometimes you have to drop the code/network/issues and do other things. The long hours and reduced staff situations, though, do make it more difficult for many to 'get a life.'

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House Cats

by KKC In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

We have eight ( house cats.

The little purring furballs relieve a lot of sress, as they are all very affectionate, sleep with us, climb into our laps, have silly little cat fights with each other, etc etc.

I couldn't survive life without my kitties.

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by Salamander In reply to House Cats

You have twice the number I do...that works out to half the stress, perhaps? :)

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I second that notion

by house In reply to House Cats

I have three cats at home. 'Fatty', my profile pic, is like my first child. My cats are a very important part of my life and I'd be a hollow man without them. :)

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