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How do you relax off hours (without booze)

By silvioandpauly ·
Reduced staff, long hours, stupid users, Sarbanes, patches, upgrades, and more stupid users.

How do you IT folks cope or destress? I'm afraid I'm becoming an alcoholic.....

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by BFilmFan In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

It is always a great stress reliever to play a game. As was pointed out in a thread on great movie quotes on what is best in life, "To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of the women!

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Relaxing, Play a Game

by brad_mankoff In reply to Gaming

After a trying day at work or a very frustrating user after I get home and eat dinner then I fire up DemonStar, Rebound and once in a while Doom and just **** the *&#$^@#$ out of something and it is very relaxing and I feel better and then repeat the process as often as needed.

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Online poker

by IT_Lobo In reply to Gaming

About 3 months ago I started playing online poker (Texas holdem). Started out just playing with play money, but in the last week I have been playing with both play money and REAL money.

I can see me retiring in about a year after winning the WSOP.

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Or you'll be working for longer

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Online poker

To pay off the debts you run up.


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by IT_Lobo In reply to Or you'll be working for ...

I play on a budget, about $50 a month, I also only play tounys so I limit how much I lose and maximize my winnings ($3 buy in to have a shot at $350,000).

Anytime you have some extra cash visit me on pokerstars.

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by PokerJohn In reply to Budget....

I play on PokerStars from time to time. What's your name on


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Pokerstars Name

by IT_Lobo In reply to PokerStars

I go by allentoy (don't ask)

If I may ask what yours would be??

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by PokerJohn In reply to Pokerstars Name

I play more in casinos, but occasionally play online.

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Games, Martial Arts and Music

by TomSal In reply to Gaming

In no particular order my three "techniques" for geting relaxed or de-stressed is playing PC games (and on RARE occassion an Xbox game or two), practicing my martial arts (which I'm just getting back into after nearly 7 months of going through a lazy cycle during a bad "emotional" and "stress filled" time of my life) it really makes me feel alive, gets the blood flowing, etc.

And personally is of great help for me to calm down if I'm upset, relax or if I want to get "pumped" (like before exercising) I just put the heavier stuff on.

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Medieval Total War

by Montgomery Gator In reply to Gaming

Your Conan quote sounds like what happens when I play "Medieval Total War", usually as the English. Most battles end up (after some resistance from the enemy) with them running away, and my mounted troops running them over and ending up getting more POWs than kills. Plus it ends up in lots of money in the game when the POWs are ransomed back to the enemy. Medieval Total War is a great stress reliever.

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