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How do you relax off hours (without booze)

By silvioandpauly ·
Reduced staff, long hours, stupid users, Sarbanes, patches, upgrades, and more stupid users.

How do you IT folks cope or destress? I'm afraid I'm becoming an alcoholic.....

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Game recommendations

by BFilmFan In reply to Medieval Total War

I think this is the fourth or fifth time just this week someone has mentioned this game in a conversation. I am going to have to pick it up and give it a try.

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Rome Total War is great too

by TomSal In reply to Game recommendations

If you like tactical / strategy games that can potentially last for months to complete a campaign -- its awesome.

Playing about 8 hours per week (most of which was on the weekends) the first go at the campaign took me about 9 weeks to complete.

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by Montgomery Gator In reply to Rome Total War is great t ...

I am interested in checking out Rome Total War, made by same people who made Medieval Total War. Also, I have seen "Decisive Battles" on the History Channel, and they use Rome Total War to demonstrate the battles. I picked up Medieval about a month ago at Wal-Mart when it was on sale for $9.95, and it has been one of the best games I have gotten for any price. I have heard there is a Viking mod for Medieval Total War. Have you seen it?

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Mad Gaming

by house In reply to Gaming

I'm currently going through quite a few Gamecube games; Zelda - Windwaker, Metroid Prime, Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, Resident Evil (about 3 different titles), and basically any puzzle based adventure game that I can get my hands on.

On the PC, I've recently gone through; Silent Hill 2, Morrowind (again), GTA - Vice City, and I've been picking at about 10 different RPGs over the past 2 years.

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Silent Hills Series

by BFilmFan In reply to Mad Gaming

I can't play those games, as I always seem to end up getting really creeped out when my cat sneaks up and hops in my lap in the middle of some tense scene.

It's always hard to explain why to police and neighbors why the middle aged man is running around in the front yard wearing his boxers and screaming.

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It could be worse

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Silent Hills Series

My son has one of my PC's hooked up to his stereo and plays Doom whatever version at Audio Assault Levels. Well one night or early morning he heard a knock on the door and found several armed Police standing there wanting to know where the "Gun Shots" where coming from.

Of course no one believed him that he was playing a computer game until they had searched the place and my son in his usual wonderful concerned way just continued to play away.


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Silent Hill

by house In reply to Silent Hills Series

You should try 'The Suffering' too. This game will creep the **** out of you. It is not quite as bad as 'Silent Hill' though.

I know what your saying about playing SH in the dark. I'm a grown man... I shouldn't be afraid. No matter what the critics say, SH is scary as ****. The game(s) should at least be creditted for good writing and suspense. :)

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Good Creepy Game

by BFilmFan In reply to Silent Hill

Have you seen the preview for DarkWatch? You are an outlaw that gets bitten by a vampire and proceed to hunt them down. Depending on your actions, the games follows different paths to an ending. Sounds interesting to me, but I like Vampire and Cowboy movies.

Which leads me to my comment on Nocturne. What a great idea for a game. Spy agency devoted to defeating supernatural beings. What a lousy game they developed. It would be great to see someone like Sierra buy the license and let Jane Jensen, Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Jeph Loeb, Tim Sale (as creative art director), Brian Azzarello, Douglas Preston and Lincoln child loose on that idea. I wouldn't care if the game cost $150 on release day, I'd be standing at the front door!

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by house In reply to Good Creepy Game

I'll check out the multimedia when I get home. I don't think I should do it here at work. Not that anyone would mind, but I might start a precident with the others here. If I do it... they'll all do it... it'll be anarchy.

I found that Unreal II was pretty good for suspense. Initially, you are to investigate a base to find out what is going on... everything is quiet for about half the level... you see glimpses of critters and dying team members being dragged through the cracks of the space station.

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by GSG In reply to Gaming

There's nothing better to relieve stress than playing one of the Jedi Knight games. Just whip out your lightsaber and go to town on those storm troopers.

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