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How do you relax off hours (without booze)

By silvioandpauly ·
Reduced staff, long hours, stupid users, Sarbanes, patches, upgrades, and more stupid users.

How do you IT folks cope or destress? I'm afraid I'm becoming an alcoholic.....

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Mae if you plan

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to My son

Power outages this helps no end to remove them from the PC.

Of course you have to make it look real so there is no TV DVD or Video either so they have to go outside and do something. This is ideal in the middle of winter as with a bit of luck they'll get lost and die. Of course mine never did and always returned like the bad pennies that they are.


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by Salamander In reply to My son

...I'll have to remember that term. Thanks!

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I'm addicted to 'WowCrack"

by KKC In reply to Everquest addict after wo ...

The newest, latest greatest game like EQ is
World of Warcraft, and I'm now its prisoner.

It takes all my willpower to just go to bed
at 10 PM or whatever, and still, I wake up at
3 AM automatically to get my 'fix'.

In the past, I started a very successful web business to relax ( ), and tried to write a book, study physics, etc, but maybe I'm
getting old! There's nothing like blowing up stuff
on a $500 video card game to relax.

I used to be ashamed (at least my wife wanted me to be!), but I'm too old for that now too. Stuck in my ways. Better to accept what I can't change.

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The correct way to go

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to I'm addicted to 'WowCrack ...

Is to Grow Old Disgracefully! It also helps no end if you just forget to mention how much money you spend on computer parts. My life has got much quieter since I've started doing that.

It's easy to slip in a pro quality card with a new LT or something similar and "She Who Must Be Obeyed" doesn't get to see the bits either she just thinks they belong to whatever I'm currently constructing.


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LOL - like your style

by KKC In reply to The correct way to go

Yes, that's what I'm doing too - growing old disgracefully as you put it.

As for 'she who must be obyed' - us nerds are LUCKY if we have someone who must be obeyed.
Very lucky. Fortunately for me, I'm very lucky.

What I do is constantly keep her computer upgraded... slowly over time.

This way, she doesn't comment about my own computer spending nearly as much, and I too
buy parts much more often than entire systems.


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World of Warcraft

by house In reply to I'm addicted to 'WowCrack ...

How does it compare in stability? I heard that WOW is a lot smoother than EQ with lower end (older) video cards. It also has a lower minimum system spec requirement.

Obviously... you have a high end card, but do you play with anyone who notices a difference?


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Just great

by KKC In reply to World of Warcraft

I've only been playing wow 1 week now, but I can tell you that it blows EQ1 (what I played) away.

The server has been rock stable, no lag. There is no 'zoning' - you just walked around without any delay.

I did upgrade my video card to a 128 meg card,
as my geforce 4 wasn't supported (but that's a pretty old card). The card cost $109.00, so it
was hardly an expensive 'super-card'.

But you are right, it's not demanding on my system at all.

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by Choppit In reply to I'm addicted to 'WowCrack ...

Bed at 10PM? I'm working too hard!

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by Cactus Pete In reply to How do you relax off hour ...

Outside of work, my life is more offline than it used to be.

I now have a 2hr commute, each way. [Sometimes it feels as though it's uphill, too.] The 1.5 hrs on the train gives me a lot of time to read. I read the newspaper on the way in, end with the funnies and the crossword. On the way out I usually have a book or learn a new language. Currently, I'm learning Bahasa Indonesia - and it's quite fun.

At home, there isn't much time for anything beyond chores or playing with the dogs.

On the weekends I work on the house [it's a fixer-upper] and whatever the spouse commands.

We're so far out in the boonies, there currently is no internet access other than dialup, so tehre is no access...

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by edpannell In reply to Offline

At one point in time, i had a 2hr one way commute. I did a lot of reading and writing, and grew a very fond appreciation for daylight!!

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