How does a web page consume resources?

By Healer ·
Does any activity of a web page scrolled out of sight still go on in the background consuming resources? Sometimes I see a banner or some flash commercials or videos and so on, I quickly scroll the area in question out of sight hoping it would stop consuming resources such as memory and CPU. I would even change the size of the browser so that the activity is not visible. Does it help?

I can hear music or talking if there is sound. I suppose any visual stuff should stop because no area in the screen is dedicated to it.

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Network trace colours

by Healer In reply to How does a web page consu ...

Thanks a lot again, Col.

I can see the Network Adapter History has Bytes Sent (Red), Bytes Received (Yellow) and Bytes Total (Green), so the colours are already set. I can't see how I can change the colour, though.

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Reponse To Answer

by OH Smeg In reply to Network trace colours

Unless you have the basic version of 7 there should be a Box with ticks on the left of the colors. You add a tick or remove the tick to get those colors shown. I always remove the tick beside the Green Trace all Data as it covers the Sent & Received Traces.


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network trace

by Healer In reply to How does a web page consu ...

Thanks Col again!

I think I misunderstood what you meant. I thought you said I could change the colours. When I check or uncheck the item, the corresponding traces would show or not show accordingly. So the colours can't be changed but the presence of individual traces can.

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