How does smoking disable a Laptop?

By ronaldv73 ·
I have a 2008 HP dv6000 Laptop purchased from Sam's Club with an Extended 3 year Warranty with N.E.W. expires May 2012, covers all Parts & Labor or Replacement of near Value, recently I did a complete defrag running while I was at work, got home done, checked emails, shut it down, next morning my son (29) sends me a text at work saying my laptop is turning on then right back off again while closed! told him to hold down the button until it stops, got home, turned it on and the same thing happened, called support on the warranty, they ( sent me a box, over a week passed, I emailed them. they said they had to send pictures to N.E.W., they said it was non-repairable due to smoke damage from cigarettes, Warranty wouldn't cover it! No Repair, No Replacement, not even a fair deal, I'm out $800, they said it was in the Warranty but I seen nothing as I used a magnafine glass 3 times, How does smoking hurt a laptop? I'm only one person with a ventilated room and I'm not lifting it up blowing smoke into the little fan and I may only use it an hour a day or 2 at best, sounds like I may have to contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL's office on this.

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For what it's worth...

by jqbecker In reply to How does smoking disable ...

I have been independent computer tech for 11+ years, worked on a lot of Dell and HP. Not only does smoking kill PC's, so does candle soot. One client is a Yankee Candle reseller, she has them lit in her shop 12 hrs/day.

Her machines seldom last more than 3 years. Soot buildup on everything: fans, hard disk, air intake, you name it. Now consider that the fans pull a lot of dust an lint along with the soot, and you have the perfect recipie for clogging up everything.

Gross to work on, my hands are full of black soot, worse than laser toner spills.

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Reponse To Answer

by kevin In reply to For what it's worth...

While I do agree witht the postings here concerning the damage cigerette smoke can cause, the actual problem with this model HP dv6000 is NOT related to smoke and reduced cooling functions.
It is a well known and documented problem that on these and other HP laptops in the 'DV' series that what actually occurs is the GPU disconnects from the motherboard rendering the boot process impossible since the main board cannot detect any graphics display connected to it, either internal or external.
At one point in time HP extended the factory warrantee and was repalcing the motherboard for free. That has long since expired and HP will do nothing to repair these laptops for the user.
Since these grapics processors are wave soldered to the main board it is virtually impossible to re-solder them. There are successes and failures reported of an extremely risky process that involves super heating a spatula before pressing it down onto the GPU to heat it up enough to bond it back to the printed circuit board. I do not recommend this method but for anyone daring enough to try it I guess they have nothing to loose.
HP manufactured an entire series of JUNK. They did replace the defective motherboards during warrantee and even beyond by extending the replacement period SPECIFIC to this type start-up problem. What they should have done was to notify everyone who owned one and replaced them for FREE but they did not. HP will NOT help you with this problem now.
Your extended 3rd party warrantee people are dogging the bullet any way they can. Long and short your screwed! Dont even bother helping an attorney buy himself a new BMW or a sailboat, he'll end up being the only one who wins in this deal.

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by mjd420nova In reply to How does smoking disable ...

While the spatula works well if enough heat is applied, a small needle point 23 watt has resurrected many left for dead. Some I've looked at because the wave solder didn't do a complete job and fractured when overheated. Now, the tar from cigarettes compounds dust, the fan and heatsink develop "feathers" that disrupt the action of the blades to move air and insulate the heatsink fins. Short of mounting an external filter and closing off any other vent points, yearly cleaning will keep things from getting out of hand.

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Reponse To Answer

by kevin In reply to KEVIN:::

I agree that one with a steady hand might be able to resolder fractured joints but the first two I saw were owned by no-smokers. So the point here is that HP knew they had JUNK and their real problem was that the expansion coefficient of the Graphics chip expanded and contracted too much and too often which is why the solder joints fractured in te first place. Sure smoking, dust, dirt, cat hair or whatever will make things worse but the fact remains HP knew about this and extended the warrantee by an additional year. Any user who maybe didn't use the laptop much never experienced a problem until even that extended warrantee ran out.
Long and short of this story is... HP built an entire series of JUNK computers and third party warrantees are just a rip-off.
Just my not so humble opinion based on 30+ years as a tech!

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