How I can uninstall a virus that is installed on the BIOS?

By jquiroga2005 ·

A customer has a PIII 866MHz with Windows XP. Some days ago this computer was infected by a virus until a point that when the computer starts only some unintelligible and blinking characters appear Before anything, of course don?t appear the normal BIOS messages and the computer hangs. After I reset the BIOS Itry to uninfect with a CDROM with tools, but in the middle of the process the computer restarts and in the initial BIOS message appears that the CPU type is incorrect and you must to go to the BIOS and starts again, and appear the WinXP logo but in random moment the computer restarts again and the BIOS message dissapear and again as in the begin. Someone knows what kind of virus is it?, Someone knows what antivirus or program can desinfect this computer? Thanks a lot

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Remove the battery....

by zrow0ne In reply to How I can uninstall a vir ...

Remove the battery from the motherboard then put it back if you haven't already tried that. If that doesn't do anything do you have a floppy disk that came with the computer to flash the bios with? If you remove the hard drive can you boot a different hard drive or can you boot from a cd? It could be some kind of malware that has infected the firmware on a high end video card or something similar that has a lot of processing power and where it could hide.

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flash the BIOS

by CG IT In reply to How I can uninstall a vir ...

Flashing will overwrite the existing BIOS.

it's best to first flash with the original BIOS, then with the most recent. The original BIOS will overwrite the entire existing whereas an update only updates [not overwriting the existing].

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Help please

by jquiroga2005 In reply to How I can uninstall a vir ...

Well I did it as I wrote (reset the flash), but I cannot delete form hard disk, because always the computer restarts before remove virus and again it is on the BIOS, so is in a vicious circle. Flas the memory isn?t a option, because the PC is too old and we don?t have the tools for it.

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bios boot order

by operator1 In reply to Help please

Hi,computer restarts because it is probably set up to boot from hdd first and hdd is fuxored with the virus.change the boot order in bios,make it to boot only from cd.but try to find bios flash must be available will probably need one cd that will be made bootable when you run the prog from windows.i would look on the manufacturer site first.

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by ndnsummer99 In reply to Help please

Can you get to a clean machine where you can download a copy of the most recent ubcd (Ultimate Boot CD). It is free if you download/burn it yourself and has diagnostic tools where you could figure out exactly what you are dealing with and go from there.

Just an idea that has helped me in the past.

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Hiren's CD

by ndnsummer99 In reply to ubcd?

Hiren's CD is also helpful if you can get it.

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ubcd address

by ndnsummer99 In reply to ubcd?

ubcd is free to download, great tools, may help

Hiren's CD is really useful also, but hard to get nowadays due to copyright problems. Hiren's has some BIOS flash tools, but you still have to have the specific information (the *exact* info to flash) for your particular BIOS. Some manufacturers now have that on their support portion of their websites.

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