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How is it that four year college educated people are better technicians?

By ctsmain ·
I have spent 16 years working in the computer industry in one year or another and while I agree that college education can be a good thing, typically in the tech support end of things i've personally found that the people have attended classes and done just enough to pass the classes yet do not have enough practical knowledge from the classes to actually know how to do the job.

A prime example of this is I got a temporary job at a Company in knoxville back in 1999 making $9.00 an hour and couldn't go permanent because they hired 2 people directly out of the local university that had associates degrees in computer sciences who walked in, sat down on either side of me and began asking things like "where's the hard drive in these things" "what does the memory look like and where is it". Now at that time i had only been working in computers for about 6 years and this was day one stuff here they were asking me. I was so flabergasted by the fact that these people were asking me these questions that I asked them the following: "you both went to {local un-named college} for two years now right" [response] "yes" [me agian] "and what did you do in those classes that you don't already know the things you are asking me about" [response] " well we played games mostly, Occasionally we would actually work on computer stuff but for the most part just played games" [me again] "and they give you a degree for that?" [no response]. so every since then I have no confidence and am not at all impressed with people that tell me that they have a college degree, Because I have found this to be a common thing with the people that have completed those courses.

I gained all my knowlege the old school way, by trial and error and I messed up my share of operating system loads and lost more than my share of data before I learned how to do things the proper way. The thing is I learned from all that and never again after that had to ask any one such a question as "where is the hard drive" or "what does memory look like".

Working for one of the worlds largest computer companies as a Senior Technical Support Technician I also got to speak with quite a few technicians and "IT or Network administrators" that claimed to know their stuff and had supposedly done all the proper troubleshooting before calling me.

The thing that was a resounding commonality is that a lot of them may have done some of the troubleshooting but neglected to do the simple first year type troubleshooting that any shade tree tech would have known to do, yet these people had degrees and in some cases were fully Microsoft certified yet they were on my phone having missed some of the most simple steps.

This has been a hot topic with other industry professionals that I have dealt with in my tenure as a support technician. It's like the certification means nothing actually, neither does the schooling. all it means is that those people know how to take and pass tests on the subject of computers. But when it comes time to actually have to practice or use the knowlege they are sadly lacking, yet the requirement of the certifications and college training is still a requirement for so many positions being offered these days. I even put off getting even the industry standard certification until I had to have it to keep my job because I didn't want to be someone that was thought to have just taken a test and gotten a piece of paper that says I know what I am doing. I was counting on my 16 years of experience to speak more for my abilities than any piece of paper ever could. It's just sad to me that the actual hands on experience isn't enough for people any more and they go for that false sense of security that they get with someone that has one of those expensive pieces of paper.

That's just my opinion, what's yours?

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by Support Slug In reply to How is it that four year ...

Maybe they want someone they know has the "sticktoitiveness" to complete an long, arduous task. Maybe they want someone who shows the ability to understand and process complex data. Maybe they want someone who hasn't shown a complete lack of interest in improving himself. Maybe they are looking for someone who can consistently write in proper English sentences with correct grammar and spelling. Maybe they don't want someone who bashes his way through the learning process or risks the network to figure out which actions are failure. I guess we'll never know.

"I didn't want to be someone that was thought to have just taken a test and gotten a piece of paper"


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by ctsmain In reply to Hmmm...

There is no need for a personal attack. This wasn't just about me. This is about employers and the importance they place on certifications and education. It's also to show how some educators simply let thier people slip through the cracks and the actual learning is still done on the job instead of in the class.

If you can't express your thoughts without the Profanity, then maybe I am not the one who needs an English class after all.

posted opinions of people that don't agree with me, or that have different views than mine are one thing, that's fine I don't expect some people agree with me. However, being totally ignorant in the way your thoughts are relayed are quite another.

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Heh I wouldn't worry so much ctsmain

by LarryD4 In reply to Ignorance

It appears your topic hit a sore point for what we should assume is the appropriately named support slug :)

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by Support Slug In reply to Ignorance

Awww... poor baby. Think I'm too harsh? Welcome to reality. You certainly DO need a personal attack or whatever else will wake you from reverie and motivate you to stop whining and become qualified.

You may not like how I speak to you, but you definitely need to be shaken from your bliss. You obviously don't realize what a stupid question you asked. The answer is obvious to anyone else who has a brain.

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by matthew.balthrop In reply to Indolence

One of those people that never learned to intelligently get a message across. Obviously you have had it rough,that is the only reasonable explanation i can think of as to why you would act the way you are. What happens when you personally attack someone? They become defensive, they shut you out. What did this accomplish? Absolutely nothing. What happens when people of different opinions have simple discussion about a topic? They either learn something new, or they possibly become more open to the opposing idea. You have failed to do anything reasonable in any of your posts Slug.


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Poor baby

by Support Slug In reply to Great...

Awww, you are all so sensitive. Well too bad. I get sick of the same moronic question over and over. This guy is crybabying over why he is getting passed over and he doesn't need politeness. He needs to wake the **** up. What is accomplished? He will either put up or shut up. And what have you accomplished? You coddled a poor moron into feeling he is adequate. Lame.

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Grow up

by jdclyde In reply to Poor baby

matthew was entirely correct.

What is the purpose of your post?
To show how much better you are than him?
To verbally beat someone up?
To show someone a point of view they hadn't considered?

If the last option, your childish attitude guarantees that will never happen. If you yell at someone and tell them how stupid they are, they tune you, and your attack out. He will not be shocked into reality by it.

If you are looking to help convince or help him, grow up and talk with him, instead of berate him.

You do yourself a dis-service, as well as the cause you are advocating. You are not representative of the average educated tech.

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The truth

by Support Slug In reply to Grow up

The truth is tough to take. My purpose is already accomplished. The guy shut up his whining. I know he isn't going to pursue education. He's as far as he's ever going to go. I, for one, won't waste another breath on him.

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It is finished

by ctsmain In reply to Grow up

you are right entirely, Look at his posts, all he does is get on people's posts and act the part of an ***. my 13 year old is more mature than this. what gets me is he's hiding imaturity behind a decent vocabulary. I had quit posting because this isn't accomplishing anything nor is it addressing the question I posted to begin this whole thing. Infact it more proves the point that the people that have those degrees think they are elite over the rest of society some how. I may not actually do the college thing, not if that's what it turns you into.
I'd rather remain happy go lucky and easy to get along with by most everyone else in society rather than become someone that thinks they can do no wrong and no one else's opinions on things matter. I thnik i'd rather just get my MCSE and take my chances with that then to have to go through all the schooling and turn out like slug has. I owe it to society, my children and other tech's in general to advance but stay the person I am now. All this did is prove to me that while more employers look for the 4 year degree I am not in any hurry to become a total butt to everyone. I have the luxury of knowing that not all techs that go to college turn out that way and most technicians don't have the social disconnect or need for for attention that slug seems to have a need for i'll post no more on this branch of the repies because it's non productive and shows nothing more than a petty ignorance to continue further with the back and forth banter. that is not what this forum is for nor is it anything I care to persue any longer.

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Yes and no,ctsmain

by jdclyde In reply to Grow up

Yes, he was being an *** for the sake of being as ***, but he was still correct in the basic message.

I have gone BOTH routes, but do not see the need to belittle someone for going only one way or the other.

He belittles for one way, YOU belittle for going the other.

You are both wrong, in that regard.

Which of course, by default, makes ME RIGHT! B-)

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