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How long have you worked in IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks "How long have you worked in IT?

Under 5 years
5-10 years
11-20 years
More than 20 years"

Let us know the length of your career in IT and some of the different titles you have held and/or roles that you have played.

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by creative8008 In reply to How long have you worked ...

i have been working in IT feild for more than six years.

PC technical support technician
IT Office equepment maintenance supervisor
IT Help Desk Suprvisor
IT Coordinator
Network Administrator
IT Engineer and consultant

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what about you Jason Hiner ?

by creative8008 In reply to How long have you worked ...

Jason what about you how long have you been in IT field ??

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Nine years for me ...

by jasonhiner Moderator In reply to what about you Jason Hine ...

I was the Information Systems Manager of a health care practice for four years and then I moved on to TechRepublic/CNET Networks, where I'm not technically in IT anymore but I've been working with and writing about IT for the past five years.

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by maecuff In reply to How long have you worked ...

11 - 20, but pushing that over 20 mark. I've been a help desk person, programmer analyst, consultant, project lead and IT director. If I weren't such a greedy b*tch, I'd go back to being a programmer. Or, I could make more money and get back into consulting. I just don't like being away from home so much. And I hate to fly.

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Yeah, I can understand the last bit.

by sleepin'dawg In reply to ummm

All that arm flapping raises a sweat and as we get older it becomes harder and harder to overcome gravity, what with the load we are carrying. :^O

Dawg ]:)

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Under 5 years

by jardinier In reply to How long have you worked ...

Well I guess that's the category I fit into because the number of years I have worked in IT is zero.

However it was curiosity that drove me to learn the technology so that I could troubleshoot, build or upgrade the things.

For a while I had a part-time home based business selling refurbished machines, and I joined TR sometime during that period.

However as the technology has advanced so quickly and the price has come down so much, it is no longer viable to continue with this and bit by bit I am dumping my collection of second-hand computers, monitors and spare parts.

I have found that a great many people who have never worked in the industry are VERY KNOWLEDGABLE, putting my meagre knowledge to shame.

Quite possibly I am the ONLY member of TR who has never worked in the industry. However I will await with interest to see if anyone else admits to zero years participation.

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6 years

by Blackcurrant In reply to How long have you worked ...

I have been tinkering with PC's since the early '90's (first experience was with a MAC 512k in 1985), but did not get a formal job in IT until 2000. My post is IT Officer - I supply help-desk support, network administration, PC and Server maintenance, application assessment and purchase recommendations.

Completely self-taught - no qualifications at all.

... and why am I sat here at work on a saturday morning updating the drivers on our server, patching our backup app, and running server diagnostics and also defragging all the PC's???


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Just over 20 years now...

by armandocanales In reply to How long have you worked ...

Graduated A&M in 1985...See my rant in the thread "I'm Through with the IT Field!"

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30 + Years

by marXtevens In reply to How long have you worked ...

9/1973 Introduced to Data General Nova 2 minicomputer, rest of the year teaching myself BASIC, writing original programs.
6/1977 A.S. Math/Computer Science, two short gigs consulting, PDP BASIC, Wang BASIC.
9/1978 Beat out CS Grad ***'ts for part time HD at university in northern Illinois.
6/1979-8/1980 Scientific Computer Programmer I Trainee
8/1980-6/1989: State University: Scientific Computer Programmer I, Data Processing Analyst II, Coordinator of Academic Computing Services
6/1988-12/1997: VM Systems Programmer, UNIX System Administrator AKA Systems Programmer I & II.
1997-2001 UNIX System Administrator
2002-2003 Substitute PC Technician, PC Technician
2004 Consultant
2005 Site Administrator I

I can empathize with armandoconales. Education and certs are the ONLY things that seem to count to get you through the door. I miss being a system administrator, but I like helping people where I am at now.

... Mark

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40 this year!

by Ashby In reply to How long have you worked ...

Started 1966 converting 7074 Autocoder to PL/I on S/360-50. Then Application programming, systems analysis, systems programmer, sysprog manager, technical projects manager, consultant systems engineer, product manager, strategic marketing, engineering development product positioning, independent consultant.

I'll stop when it stops being fun!

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