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How long have you worked in IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks "How long have you worked in IT?

Under 5 years
5-10 years
11-20 years
More than 20 years"

Let us know the length of your career in IT and some of the different titles you have held and/or roles that you have played.

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oops -- I seem to have stepped into AARP meeting

by raelayne In reply to How long have you worked ...

My answer is "too bloody long." And I notice that almost everyone else in here is pretty long in the tooth, too. So this makes me wonder where all the young folks are. On some top-secret no-geezers-allowed blog? Gambling online? In MySpace? Or just out interacting with other humans and having real lives?

Well, gotta' go check the online obits for high school buddies.

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Funny, but not

by BFilmFan In reply to oops -- I seem to have st ...

I seem to have reached that age of life where I attend more funerals than I do weddings, so your words ring very true.

I think we have life backwards on the party aspect. Work hard when you are young and then when you become "mature," we should start hanging out in Vegas, the beach, etc.

**** that actually sounds like a good plan for next weekend now that I think about it....

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Sad news is ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to oops -- I seem to have st ...

... daughter (Senior is HS) feels she has to check the obits for her classmates, as two died within 2 weeks of each other this year.

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Bank One, er J P Morgan Chase?

by raelayne In reply to Sad news is ...

Westerville, eh? Sounds like a Bank One person to me. Does your daughter go to one of the Westerville high schools?

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Westerville ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to Bank One, er J P Morgan C ...

... is just where the office is. She is in one of the SWCS schools.

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by gpastorelli In reply to How long have you worked ...

3-1/2 years or so officially.

Technical support rep for a international IT bootcamp (fancy title but mostly grunt work, stocking soda, replacing water bottles, very little technical support.)

Network Administrator for a small community bank.

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hmmm another too long

by Bite Me_Ax_Moron In reply to

Started in 1979 with my first computer, wound up doing tech support for a friend who opened a store and couldn't keep up. Self taught, no paper. Never really had an "official title" till the network support technician I got with the regional health authority I'm at. Funny title, we cover everything from the front door intercoms to security cams to the full telephone system and our network and desktop pc's. When the cio isn't here I do it all. Small shop, but a **** of a great place to work even if I have seen more of the belly of the building then I'd like. Came in took an oral eaxm on what I knew, they dismissed the other candidates and I went to work.

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under 5 years

by NZ_Justice In reply to How long have you worked ...
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Under 5 years

by Spidie In reply to How long have you worked ...

I'll have been in for 5 years as of next October.

I worked as a part-timer in a college's IT department for 3.5 years.

Then I worked at Spencer Gift's via temp service in their IT department for 3 months.

And since I've been working a few different jobs via temp services.

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since before IT time

by dawgit In reply to How long have you worked ...

so long I have trouble trying to figure it out with just my fingers & toes. But long before there was 'IT' which still is an moniker looking for a real job description.... but that's another story.

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