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How long have you worked in IT?

By jasonhiner Moderator ·
A new TechRepublic poll asks "How long have you worked in IT?

Under 5 years
5-10 years
11-20 years
More than 20 years"

Let us know the length of your career in IT and some of the different titles you have held and/or roles that you have played.

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Officially 5 years

by Lodai In reply to How long have you worked ...

Titles held:
Data entry operator
QA Supervisor
Publishing systems Support
Systems Support Specialist (basically support what ever the users bring into the building, whether it went through the proper chanels or not)
Unofficial Titles:
Excuse Me, EXCUSE ME!!!!!!!! (I hate this one)
Computer Guy
A**hole, D**kwad, plus many other derogatory ones that users like to use when they are frustrated at the machine and the problems that they alone cause, but won't admit to.

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under 5 years

by joaquinshah In reply to How long have you worked ...

not long enough.. under 5 years..

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18 Great Years

by swemhaner In reply to How long have you worked ...

I have been in this wonderful world of technlogy for alomost 19 years now and I wake up everyday still excited about it!!!

started out pulling wire...
Network Eng.
Mgr. IT
Dir. IT
CTO of a large Financial company.

Can't wait to see what is next.

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Since JFK was elected.

by JerryFr In reply to How long have you worked ...

First job was as a Tab Operator at age 17. Next as a console operator and supervisor on IBM1401's and 7070's.
Then on to programming 1401's (real men code in Assembler!) and 360's (COBOL). Most enjoyable work ever was as a programmer!
Systems Analyst to Apps Development Mgr to Systems Programming Mgr to Corporate IT Director.

1960 to 2003.

Not too bad for a 10th grade HS dropout.

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Coming up for 27 Years

by thefrown In reply to How long have you worked ...

But you don't get that for murder in the UK anymore.

When I started out IT was known as Data Processing!

I've been ...

A Computer Peripheral Operator (Lovely, changing tapes and disks on mainframes, operating big IBM laser printers, feeding cheques through cheque sorters on a 24 x 7 shift)

A Statistical analyst (yep it was as boring as it sounds; I don't want to go into it)

LAN Administrator (I'm talking 30 nodes on Token Ring here - the Domain Controller was an IBM PS2 model 70 with a 286 processor, 4 MB RAM and a 120 MB Hard disk running DOS 4.0 - and it worked!) PCs were DOS-based, with a shell called "PowerMenu" if I remember right.

Helpdesk Agent (DOS PCs, some LAN Manager/Torus Tapestry LAN support - we even had a few people running Windows 3.0 - aaagh!!!)

PC Support Officer. WFWG, Lotus Smartsuite, LAN Manager again, started to see NT towards the end of this one.

LAN Support Officer (everything was "officer" in those days). Supported some LAN Manager for Unix installations - SCO Unix with some Microsoft LAN Manager bolt-in ... hairy!

Infrastructure Officer (there's that word again ...) Windows NT/Cisco distrubuted network management/monitoring. 24 x 7 again, but more satisfying technically. Got me into things like Netview, ADSM, software distribution. Learned how to talk to myself in this period;as dis most of my peers. Sending out software updates to 20,000 PCs at 2:00 in the morning turns you into some sort of jibbering idiot.

Finally, I am now an "Infrastructure Engineer". Again I'm managing a Windows/Cisco environment, but it's much smaller than the previous one.

I've never felt the urge to go into management, I love a technical challenge too much.

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by pkr In reply to How long have you worked ...

Started straight out of highschool in 1968. IBM punchedcard machines (14xx or something)
Punched card operator
EDP operator (IBM 360, 370)
Shift manager (ibm 360 396 kb machine needed 3 operators in 3 shifts 24x365)
Systems planner
System programmer
EDP manager
IT Manager

Someday I'll write a book. I was in the implementation of computerizing the tax system here, and I tell you we had NO idea of what we did. Citizens got yearly welfare by the month, we called in 90+ year old men to armed services, newborn got retirement pension - early version of the Y2K problem, but backwards.

One thing thas nags be is that the new generation are doing exactly the same mistakes and reinventing the same thing with PC's today, that we did with mainframes 30 years ago.


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Let me think about that one

by rob mekel In reply to How long have you worked ...

It's more then 20 years but where did it start. I guess when I left uni. So that's 23 years.
Been a helpdesk support guy, comp.syst. operator, programmer, network manager, system manager, projectleader, projectmanager, IT Director, Technical Director, IT Department manager.

As of the project leading part it is more into managing IT stuff then the hands on part.


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13 years

by Lori.OBrien In reply to How long have you worked ...

I have worked in helpdesk, service delivery and notes db admin.

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Me: Hi, I'm Too Old for IT, and I work in IT ...

by Too Old For IT In reply to How long have you worked ...

Crowd: (hi, Too Old for IT!!)

Mostly as a sys admin or network admin, and without any titles.

My best move? Researching the coffee shop as an exit strategy.

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Years In IT

by eyera In reply to How long have you worked ...

I have been in IT related jobs for 15 years.7 years as High School technology coordinator. 4.5 years as a Private school Network Admin. 4 years as a HS IT teacher. Overlapping this, I have run my own consulting company for 12 years: installing networks, wired and wireless, teaching how to use computers and maintaining home and small business networks running both PC and Mac

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