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How long is a 'conversation' in an open office/floorplan?

By Absolutely ·
How long does etiquette dictate that it is a 'meeting' instead?

There are no offices or walls, even for the top managers in my building. Four clowns with exceptionally loud voices insist on holding conversations at full volume, all day long, about every triviality of their 'work' and personal lives. How long is it reasonable to consult, and after how long should they adjourn to a meeting room?

There is never any shortage of meeting rooms in this building, just inconsiderate, obnoxious unprofessionals.

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Another thing...

by Absolutely In reply to How long is a 'conversati ...

The plethora of meeting rooms include ethernet connections in each, full access to the corporate network, and all of the offenders have notebook workstations. There is just no excuse, and no explanation except for being desperate for attention.

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You are correct

by w2ktechman In reply to Another thing...

There really is no excuse except that their manager is failing to inform them. That is why you need to complain to your manager, and state that distractions cause a lot of delays, and quality of work can suffer.

Then ask your manager if it is OK to print up signs and/or a memo for the area. If worst comes to worst, go to HR and explain the problem, they will certainly contact these employees managers and inform of the prblem. Sometimes it takes a complaint on ones desk to decide to address issues.

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Interesting Problem

by w2ktechman In reply to How long is a 'conversati ...

What we do is post signs all over stating to be quiet and considerate of everyone working in the area.
These are in the aisles every 8-10 cubicles.

If someone is constantly interrupting the work of others, such as these people, then it should be brought to their managers attention. Their manager should ask them to keep it down, or keep their personal conversations to a minimum while in the work area. Then bring up that they can use a meeting room if they need to converse.

Other thoughts would be to get them onto instant messaging for those short outbursts and trivial matters.

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by dawgit In reply to How long is a 'conversati ...

Money talks. Lost business, loss in productivity, increase in absences, do to the noise and non-work related distractions. That costs companies Money. If you could find a way to demonstrate that, it would certainly get managements attention. (It sees they all like to make money for some reason)
-Or- get some noise canceling earphones.
edited, oh just because....

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by willjamr In reply to Money

dawgit wrote: "-Or- get some noise canceling earphones."

I tried that at work once. Unfortunately they were designed to pass voice. :-(

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My favorite solution, too.

by Absolutely In reply to Headphones

Sometimes I forget them, but they really are wonderful.

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The top managers want this to happen

by breadtrk In reply to Money

that is why you are in an open office environment. Get with the program or get some skillz so that you can have a closed office. I swear, some folks would complain if the toilets were gold plated but not heated.

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I think... you're one of them

by van_eric In reply to The top managers want thi ...

No manager(s) wants their office to be like fish market. Individual skills is not a passes to be exempted from the bad environment. Unprofessional, unethical and immoral personnel(s) should be placed in the box with out ventilation and let us see if they will not complain. The magic word here is "RESPECT". And as a general rule "Do unto others what you don't want to do unto you". I swear, those stubborn guys are the number one obnoxious in this kind of environment. Be factual.

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The top managers want this to happen

by mleeseberg In reply to The top managers want thi ...

Most of the 'open office' situations I have found are due to cost considerations or people who design the space without really understanding what happens there, such as the level of noise generated by an office full of people trying to do phone support next to programmers who would like some quiet.

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Fire with Fire

by RNR1995 In reply to Money

Just start commenting on their conversation
Generally mocking it and making them realize how trivial they are being.If they have a clue they will be quiet. Never go to a manager, unless the culture at your work dictates it.... what are we three?
Thank GOD I no longer work for a corporation

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